More Music from Catch Prichard

There’s something really special in Catch Prichard‘s voice, something that haunts and soothes the soul simultaneously. Perhaps it’s the deep tones, but the breathy quality of the recording adds a layer of mystique that I quite enjoy. Musically, there’s such simplicity in what he’s doing, yet so much purpose in the added textures, be it a wash of atmospherics or a tinkering piano that just barely pops its head into the mix. This is the sort of song that stays with you forever, and we’re soon to hear more when Catch releases his latest collection of songs, OK Cool.

Catch Prichard Offers New Ballad

There’s something beautifully haunting in Catch Prichard‘s performance on this new ballad he’s penned. He’s set up the background perfectly, utilizing distant horns and careful guitar picking to create the perfect space for the deep tones of his voice. A slight warble in his throat, he comes off as a cross between Jeff Buckley and Antony, leaving you with this enchanting number that won’t fade from your listening memory. This song will featured on the collection of new work titled OK Cool, which is slated for release later this year.

Strong Folk Feels from Catch Prichard

catchSlide guitar carefully works behind careful picking on this new single from Catch Prichard. If you’re into the musicianship, then you’re likely to find yourself lost in the careful bits of production. Me? I’m in this for the voice, or the combo of the two, but that voice. There’s a wavering in the notes as they come from the mouth of singer Sawyer Gebauer; it’s akin to several other artists, but I love how it seemingly offers up a certain sense of fragility. This song appears on the Eskota EP, which is being release by Devise Records on October 21st.