Totally Mild Release New Single

Totally Mild was one of the group’s I listed as an act to keep an eye on during SXSW last year; I caught them a handful of times myself. Recently they’ve signed on with Chapter Music, one of the great homes for Australia artist. All that said, this new song is super impressive, and I’m reveling in the fact that it employs these little guitar stabs that recall early days in the jangle scene; they do move on in a dreamier style, complimented by Elizabeth Mitchell’s sultry delivery. Her sounds likes it’s filled with great songs; it will be released on February 23rd of next year.

Sweeping Pop from Montero

Montero just dropped this gem of a tune, filled to the brim with musical touchstones. In his vocals, you can certainly hear the prog structures of yore swelling to the top, almost wizardly at times. But, one listen to the chorus and you’re going to be alright…those notes assure it. Musically, there’s some stomp, some squawk and synths painting the soundscape in a captivating wash of pop. A new album is said to be in the works for Chapter Music, dropping sometime in 2018.

And Another Beaches Tune

Another day and another tune from Beaches to get us through the day. The guitar work on this track immediately stuck out to me, carrying a sentiment similar to Teenage Fanclub, just slightly a bit heavier. The vocals soar angelically, almost as if they’ve been added as another layer…it’s all about those huge riffs. Still, they provide plenty of balance to the song, allowing the group’s pop sensibility to peak through the clouds. Their new album, Second of Spring, will be released on September 8th via Chapter Music.

Another Hit from Beaches

I love the way this new Beaches song starts out, as if it we’re hearing an old faded sample come into play…but then drums kick in and the track takes off into a fuzzy blissed pop number. There’s a softness to the vocals, built with a pop reinforcement via the occasional entry of “ooh ooh ooh”s. This Aussie bunch know how to balance their heavy distortion with their pop sensibility, which is perhaps why they’ve signed on to work with one of the great Australian labels, Chapter Music. Look for their double LP, Second of Spring, on September 8th.

Give This New Beaches a Listen

Today, news made its way from Australia that Beaches will be releasing their new double album, Second of Spring; accompanying the announcement was this driving swirl of psych rock that should definitely alert you to your next favorite act. From the get go the band pushes the heavy pace, waiting for the vocals to carefully enter the picture. I like how the focus is on the song’s emotive powers; the lyrics are good and well, but they almost seem an afterthought as you hear stabbing electronic beats and varying layers of guitars drag you into your speakers. Look for the new record to hit on September 8th via Chapter Music.

Brand New Track from The Stevens

People have been listing their favorite albums of the year a lot lately, and while I get that, we haven’t even heard the new record from the Stevens. Today we have their second single from the forthcoming Good, and it’s the perfect blend of their discordant moments and their pop leanings. Twanging guitars ring, rhythms take on a dark swing and it leaves us all with a great deal of hope for a brilliant release. Chapter Music will be releasing Good on July 14th, so be on the lookout for the next hit record of 2017.

Wonky Pop from School Damage

School Damage is one of the latest additions to the Chapter Music roster, and the label always has their finger on the pulse in Meblbourne’s thriving scene. Bits of keyboard give the song a feeling of “wobbly” pop, but it’s the frantic pace of the percussion that provides an energetic push. You can hear faint little guitar notes too, jittering behind the front of the mix; it’s just weird enough to keep you inthe cool, but pop enough to make you come back for more. Look for the band’s self-titled LP to hit on June 2nd.

Fresh Tune from The Stevens

In case you hadn’t heard, The Stevens have a brand new album coming out this July. Why is that important? Well, if it picks up where they left off with their last album, then the band’s sure to be a household name by the end of the year. On this first single, the band are offering up a traditional guitar pop sound, though with a definite Oceanic bend; I also like that the length on this number is almost twice as long as anything on History of Hygiene. That length allows for more to sink your teeth into, be it the chugging ring of guitars are the gradual cool of the melody. Look for Good to hit in stores on July 14th via the esteemed Chapter Music.

Brand New Music from School Damage

I’m always going to post new tunes if they come out via Chapter Music, as that’s one of the first labels I fell in love with over in Australia. Today, the label is bringing you School Damage, a slightly odd-ball pop outfit that features members of Chook Race and Ausmuteants. They begin this tune with a deep tone before guitars ringing in patiently in the background, paced by a bobbling bit of synth. Vocals dance on top, calmly flowing from Carolyn Hawkins; the song discusses the concept of death, with tall poppies growing atop our narrator…I love how she elongates the lines “bury me”. You can grab the band’s self-titled debut in June.

Classic Aussie Pop from The Cannanes Gets ReIssued!

cannanesEveryone that adores indiepop, or Aussie tunes, should now stand up and clap for Chapter Music. The Australian label are reissuing A Love Affair with Nature from the Cannanes; they aren’t settling there, as the new reissue is a picture disc, new liner notes, and a collection of bonus tracks from the early singles. Listening now, you’ll probably realize that the band’s mark is omni-present in much of the indiepop of today, which just goes to show how timeless the songs from that album truly are. Probably your first chance to get your hands on the LP version since the 90s, unless you’re getting luck with Discogs or Ebay, so grab your copy on September 16th.

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