The Week in Music April 26-30

Yo. We forgot last week. Sorry. Please forgive us. Here’s a great way to start off your Monday with a playlist of last week’s hits. We added a few from some of the records we were jamming like Mope City and Phantom Handshakes…not to mention a hit from the great album ATH Records just dropped from Space Tan! Just a nice easy hour of listening to get you in through the morning Monday blues. So yeah, no need for more…just jam to some hits.

Cheekface Share We Need a Bigger Dumpster Video

This brand new Cheekface tune is so much fun; it sounds an awful lot like Jeffrey Lewis, if he had a penchant for good old pop punk. Greg Katz has this matter-of-fact delivery that’s both unsettling and charming, like a conversation performed in song, just using the slightest hint of melody. For the verses, you get the witty lyrical playfulness the band’s known for, but on my end, I’m a sucker for the chorus. They drop in the guitars, build in vocal harmonies and you’re just swooning, sure that no one’s writing music as enjoyable as this…and you might be right! This single’s out via New Professor today, so enjoy and eat more Fritos!


Cheekface Cover Rosie Tucker’s Lauren

I’ve admitted my adoration for Rosie Tucker‘s hit LP Never Not Never Not Never Not, and one of my favorite tracks on the record “Lauren” is getting the cover treatment from fellow Angeleno outfit Cheekface. They keep the core of the song’s infectious pop chorus, but they ramp up the rock side during the verses, giving a touch more punch. The vocal combination in the chorus does a great job of adding in that added layer of melody that pop fans crave. Plus, it gives me another reason to write about a Rosie Tucker jam, and I rarely shy away from that…thus why you can also stream the OG version below.