ATX Weekend Show Preview

While most weekends/weeks offer you a plethora of local and non local shows to choose from here in the Live Music Capital of The World, this weekend in particular has got a high volume of great local shows to fill your nights for a few bucks. Looking to make things a bit less complicated for you, we’ve included our picks and highlights of the busy weekend ahead, but don’t forget to see all of your options over at the ever helpful Showlist Austin.

Friday February 5th (tonight)

The Zoltars, Faux Ferocious, Soda, Major Major Major – Hotel Vegas – 9pm

Julia Lucille, Megabog, AMA, Ponyboy & the Horsegirls –Cheer Up Charlie’s

Major Grizz, Yuma, Marcus Brown – Stubb’s (inside) – 9pm

Tele Novella, Lowin, Devin Jake – The ABGB – 6:30pm

Saturday February 6th

Rikroshi(album release), Zettajoule, Ellis Redon, Artificial Earth Machine – Cheer Up’s – 8pm

Cross Record (album release), Adam Torres, Nadia – The Mohawk(inside)- 9pm

P.T. Banks (album release), Tinnarose, Lomelda – Stubb’s(inside) – 9pm

The Sour Notes, Borrisokane – Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse – 8pm


ATX Spotlight: Rikroshi

12279037_701757619960805_6624326963952806043_nWe here at ATH are always trying to give you the latest and greatest of not only the world scene, but of our very own city. Today’s ATX spotlight falls on a new(ish) band, Rikroshi, which consists of dynamic duo Tessa Bennetch and Darryl Schomberg II. Together, these two make dark wave, synth heavy, pop music that’s a bit outside the realm of what you’re used to hearing from bands around town. When you take a listen to the track below, “Watercolor,” you’ll see what I mean–there’s a sugary impossibility to the distorted vocals and a bit of drama in the mix created by the start/stop percussion and jagged guitars. They just released their debut album yesterday, and lucky for you, they’re playing an album release this Saturday at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Get to listening and then go out Saturday and support your locals.

Show Preview: Cross Record @ Cheer Ups (Tonight)

10922432_512148512257410_7508773176381109828_n-2Once again, there’s tons to do on a weeknight in Austin, but this will be one of those shows you decide to go to last minute that makes your week. I was geeking out pretty hard over this folksy and beautiful new track from Cross Record that was released last week, so I’m stoked to get to hear it in the live setting, as well as the rest of their folksy catalogue. Not to mention, the bill tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s is stacked with other great local acts like Future Music and Silent Land Time Machine that will delight you with their and electro-acoustic psych soundscapes. Doors aren’t until 9:30, and the best part is that it’s completely free. Come out and support the locals, won’t you?


ATX Popfest 2015

ATX Popfest 00It all started when Nathan ran his mouth about getting a bunch of bands together to celebrate just how damn good Austin’s Pop scene is right now. It is a renaissance. With long time ATH faves like Shivery Shakes, She Sir, Young Girls (HTX) and Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Popfest had a number of shiny new things to shimmy to including Templo X, Summer Salt, Polio Club, (new to me) MCG and new old friends in Tres Oui to round things out. Well, OK, Tres Oui is kinda Literature, but not really, so still “new”…

Pics and recap? Sure.

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ATX Popfest (9.12) – The Definitive Edition

11895936_10207422291186088_4494044377145704198_nTomorrow is the ATX Popfest over at Cheer Up Charlies, doors are at 6 PM, bands start at 7. It’s $5 for 10 Bands. All the money goes straight to the bands…so let’s not complain about $5. But, I also want you to have notes on all the bands, and why you should check them all out. It’s a long post, so please read it all. It should convince you why attendance is required.

Come enjoy yourself some pop music. There’s no place else to be Saturday. 

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ATX Popfest Playlist – Show Saturday @Cheer Up Charlies

11895936_10207422291186088_4494044377145704198_nWe’re really excited to be part of the first ATX Popfest, trying to encourage love and adoration for our favorite local pop bands. The event features 10 of the best pop bands in Austin, and it’ll be going from 7 – Close over at Cheer Up Charlies. I figured the whole world might not be aware of our scene, so why not create a little playlist to get you hip to what we’ll be throwing down on Saturday.  Two notes, Polio Club have been battling Soundcloud, and have chosen instead to only stream their music via Tidal, so you can buy their excellent tape HERE.  Also, Literature is not officially playing, but members past and present will be playing in Tres Oui, and we’re hoping Nate will DJ late into the evening…playing indiepop hits.

ATX Show Spotlight: Rose Selavy @ Cheer Up Charlies

rose_selavy_bandIt’s Monday night, so why not start off your week with some of the best pop music the city has to offer…not to mention, it will be FREE!  Cheer Up Charlies is hosting San Antonio’s Hypersleep, but the bill will be book-ended by some of our favorite locals, Rose Selavy and Ultraviolet.  Did I mention that Rose Selavy also has a 7″ coming out this week on our ATH Records?  I mean, this will be the best chance to preview the band’s work before you head out and grab your own copy.  If you’re not in town, that 7″ can be found HERE.  So, come out and hang tonight and enjoy some indiepop delights.

ATX SPotlight: Hovvdy Release Split Tape w/ Loafer

hovvdyMerdurhaus Records are quickly making a name for themselves, releasing great tapes of some of the most promising young acts in town, such as Loafer and Summer Salt.  This week, they’re celebrating another release, which is a split between the previously mentioned Loafer and Hovvdy.  The Hovvdy jam is a quick little number, played out over synthesized beats with a hazy guitar part; it’s the sort of bedroom pop that’s made the style so endearing over the last few years.  They’ll both be playing this evening to celebrate the release of the tape over at Cheer Up Charlies, so sample and make a choice.

Show Preview: BOAN Album Release @ Cheer Up’s (TONIGHT)

boanSo you’re looking for some show to fill your Friday night with magic, but don’t know where to go to make it a great night. Well, look no further than to the sleek electro pop of locals BOAN, who are celebrating the release of their album, Mentiras, over at Cheer Up Charlie’s tonight with the help of fellow Austinites Silent Diane, as well as DJ’s Sam De La Rosa and Bill Converse. Just one listen to the title track from this new record out now on Holodeck Records and you’ll understand why this is the place you need to be tonight: the synths layer atop each other and smoothly work to create a groove you’ll be willing to get pretty sweaty jamming to. Doors are at 8pm and donations are accepted as payment for entry. More details here.

ATX Spotlight: Comforter Ready Album

11270397_405357546315566_474241612007102356_oTons of great music is coming out of Austin lately, and Comforter have kept my attention with their first few singles.  Their latest, “Hardies,” opens up slowly, twinkling guitar chiming in the foreground.  As the drums kick in the song takes off, soon joined by resounding backing vocals to emphasize the lyrical content.  The drum work also adds a nice little pace to the track, while the emotional warmth steadily climbs in the listeners ear.  They’ll be releasing their new album for Merdurhaus Records this Saturday at Cheer Up Charlies with Alex Napping and Summer Salt.  Definitely something that should be on your radar going into the weekend.

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