Emma Pollock is Back

emmaIt’s been awhile since we heard from former Delgados member, Emma Pollock, but with the announcement of her new album, Emma is back, forcibly. Imagine the songwriting of peers like Eleanor Friedberger, but with a stronger presence, in both her vocal delivery and the production of the song itself. You could easily hear this song as a stripped down version, but in all likelihood it would peel away the layering that makes this song repeatable. Her new album is titled In Search of Harperfield; it will be released by Chemikal Underground…and let me just say, I haven’t been disappointed in a thing that Emma’s done, so I’m definitely stoked to spend time with the full-length.

Nice Instrumental Jam from Humans Don’t Be Angry

I’ve long been a fan of Malcolm Middleton, as the pages of this web site can attest, so when I heard the former Arab Strap member was starting a new project I was rather excited.  His new effort will be under the name Human Don’t Be Angry, and from what I’ve heard from the affair up to this point it is going to be a mostly instrumental affair.  It’s actually a pretty nice listen once it gets underway, similar to what other Scottish post-rockers have done.  Of course, I’ll always want to hear Malcolm, but I’ll happily take this as well.  You can get your hands on the self-titled LP next week if you dig it.


Download: Human Dont Be Angry – H.B.D.A. Theme [MP3]