Triangle Rain Club Shares In My Head

Chicago’s Triangle Rain Club caught our attention earlier this year with the Close the Door EP, but it looks like a much anticipated debut LP is on its way. The song employs heavy riffs of the sort that would reverberate through your body if the amp was turned up to eleven, yet somehow the project manages to hang back just enough to allow the melody to seep through the speakers. Every time I turn this on, its like the Jesus and the Mary Chain meet up with one of the pop grunge groups of the 90s, like Soul Asylum; it’s catchy, but you can feel the weight of the song as it burrows into your brain. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about the debut LP!

Say Hello To Teen Blush

TEEN BLUSH is the musical project of Kenn Foss who has been making music for the last couple of years out of Chicago. Despite his young age, Foss already has a ton of music over on his bandcamp page with various singles and EPs ready for you to stream and/or purchase for download. For a small sampling of his musical style, I suggest you check out his latest single below entitled “Other Faces”. It has a very new wave inspiration with these lovely, subtle hints of goth and electronica akin to The Ninth Wave or even darker Depeche Mode. It’s running heavy on my playlist today. Stay tuned for more from TEEN BLUSH.


Rat Tally Drop Another Hit

Chicago based songwriter Addy Harris may be young, but she is quickly becoming one of the brightest and most promising songwriters out there. Via her project Rat Tally, Harris creates this style of indie rock deeply rooted in late 90s themes worthy of comparison to era bands like say Nada Surf or even The Rentals. Her latest track, “Longshot”, will cause some to hastily compare her to fellow female artists like Soccer Mommy or Snail Mail, but I think Harris stands out as an artist who can offer a bit more edge and grunge between the softer, brighter moments. It’s a lovely new tune.

Rat Tally will release new album In My Car on August 12th via 6131 Records.

Blue Cove Share Thrive Single

I’ve written about Chicago’s Blue Cove previously, and with another single floating out there, I wanted to be sure it got some love from me. This track begins with a really nice vocal working over a lightly strummed guitar, setting you up for the drop in around the 50 second mark. It’s here that the song transcends the opening and begins to churn the music into something more akin to the dreamier realms of pop music we found on their first single. Throughout, the vocals continue to wash against your speakers, constantly hitting you with those hazy notes that encourage your midweek daydreams.

Blue Cove Share Here You Come Single

Chicago’s music scene has definitely been a hot place to find some great tunes the last few months, and here we are with this new track from Blue Cove. The band currently operate in the dream pop realm, toying with the more boisterous brand once the song hits the 2 minute mark; it explodes, almost seeming to raise the volume as the jangling guitar lines burst through your speakers. They never seem to lose sight of the hook, which inevitably seems to revolve around Steph Nikolas’ vocals. They’ve had a bunch of tunes float out, so keep your eyes peeled for news on an official release any day.

Daniel Villarreal Shares Panama 77

Wanted to start off this Good Friday by being in the groove, so I’ve turned to the latest instrumental tune from Daniel Villarreal of Dos Santos. He’s just recently announced Panama 77, an ode to his home and birth year, and this latest tune is just another to set the mood for you today. While the surface level has obvious Latin roots, thus why I’m here for it, the tune also stretches the sound into sort of expansive psychedelia…the broader brand…not the modern Americanized version. You can hear the journey back and forth, and his skill as a drummer obviously is a shining moment throughout. Panama 77 is out on May 20th via International Anthem, so get this one under your skin and get into the work of Daniel Villarreal.

New Jam From Gentle Heat

My apologies for my lack of musical postings over the last few days/weeks though my pal Lankford has held down the fort as he usually does. I’m back today with this shoegazy as hell tune called “Closer II” from Chicago based indie legends Gentle Heat. For those familiar with the band, you may notice a slight change in the vocals with the addition of keyboardist and accompanying singer Sarah Clausen. I am loving how her vocals provide this sort of eerily harmonizing effect that sort of fades and melds into the fronting vocals of David Algrim. Be warned, the track may start a tad slow, but it certainly picks up.

Gentle Heat will release new album Sheer, featuring this new tune, on May 13th.

Triangle Rain Club Release Close the Door EP

Feel like we should start off Friday with something straight and simple: good old fashioned fuzzy rock n’ roll from Triangle Rain Club. When you hear the lead track from the Close the Door EP, you;ll immediately realize why there’s a cover of JaMC hanging out in the back end. Riffs bound and bounce forward immediately, shooting off like fuzzy stars against the blackened star, leaving a trail of melodic hooks in their wake. Singer Austin Smith has these heavy tones in his voice, but I like that you get a lot of clarity in the mix, really letting the track get its hooks under your skin. Great place to spend some Bandcamp money!

Courtesy Release Video for Spots

I’m going to be real honest here. Until they reached out, Courtesy was not an act on my radar, but fuck I’m glad they did. They’re an outfit that just feels like a collective of musical adventurers, twisting and turning knobs, layering textures, adding loops and dropping in vocals where fitting; its like they’re out to pick up a sample here, mix in a new sound there, and all of it working perfectly. On this striking video, the accompanying track has this high pitch vocal in the middle that reminds me of Liars; it seems like they approach things in the same manner, and dare I say, seem even more willing to stretch the boundaries. And speaking of the video, can we praise Essian enough? I think not; this video gets knocked out of the park. If, like me, Courtesy are new to you, prepare yourself for one helluva ride when the band drop Check the Milk on November 19th!

Dramatic Shapes Share In the Other

No need for me to go out on a limb here, as if you frequent this site you surely know that the musical element of Dramatic Shapes is pretty spot on for my personal “brand.” I love those light jangling guitar lines and a steady drum loop that adds a nice little toe tapping groove to it. That said, what I love about this tune from the Chicago outfit is the way they go about the vocals; they’ve got some heavy effects on the vocal, which, in their own manner, deliver this dreamy element to the song’s center. They’re almost entirely obscured, so I naturally was like, “Well, that’s new!” Give it a listen.

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