Album Premiere: Jon Lindsay – Cities & Schools

5035One of my favorite things about running this website is when someone asks you to premiere an album you’ve already been spinning on repeat for a week or so. Well Mr. Jon Lindsay, who writes and creates songs mostly on his own, has been kind enough to give me just that opportunity today. Streaming in full below is his brand new album entitled Cities & Schools. One would be very hard pressed to define this music with simple things like indie pop or indie songwriter. No, this album is a profound look into a songwriter who creates at times rock songs with Americana tendencies, but can then throw in some synths here and there to surely cause your body to move. Honestly, I think everyone will find a little something to like about this album.

You can purchase a physical copy of this album on June 10th via File 13 Recordsor purchase physical copies via Jon’s website right now.

More From Earring

unnamedEarring is a Chicago based band Nathan and I have both taken a liking to over the last year or so. Though neither of us seem to able to classify the band’s sound, the boys certainly have received the ATH seal of approval. Today I’m excited to share with you their latest single “Slow Mud”. Imagine if you will that a slow core band melded with one of the best indie psych rock bands and that’s about what you have here. Unique to say the least.

New album Tunn Star will drop on June 10th via Fire Talk Records.

Deeper Sign to Fire Talk

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetMan if every label in the world discovered as much good music as Brooklyn outfit Fire Talk, the world would be a better place right? Well they have found yet another quality act in the form of Chicago based indie pop band Deeper. Now these guys create this sort of interesting take on dream pop but with a bit of an edge to it. As you probably know by now, describing music isn’t my strong suit and I prefer you to just trust me and hit play.

Deeper are currently working on a full release coming in 2017. Stay tuned.

Ne-HI Sign to Grand Jury

nehiThe Chicago scene is getting louder, at least it seems to have had a recent reemergence in the indie blogs, at least with the fandom of Twin Peaks…and now Ne-Hi. The group has just signed on to work with Grand Jury for their next release, and in the meantime, they’ve tossed up a new track to tease us until the record is done. While the song has a bit of a noisy blasting style, I think my favorite part is when the whole song pulls back around the 2 minute mark for a softer approach; it’s a nice dynamic that elevates the song. We’ll keep you posted on the band’s release going forward.

Soulful Pop Vibes from Divino Nino

3-Panel_JCard_FRONT_AIRemember those early Little Joy or Rodrigo Amarante tunes that seemed to dance around nostalgic tropicalia, but with a fresher tone? That’s exactly what I hear in the newest single from Divino Nino, who also have some Latin roots to add…thus the band name. It sounds a lot like a really hip lounge singer who spends his weekends hanging about town playing in a psychedelic band; there’s just little doses of reverb and twangy wash, but not enough to detract from the central focus. Look for the group’s new album, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, which comes out on May 13th via The Native Sound.

Marrow Interview + Show Preview @ Lambert’s (1.31)

marrow-mainChicago’s Marrow are making their way into Austin this Sunday over at Lamberts, supporting their excellent new album, The Gold Standard. I caught up with the band’s Macie Stewartreal quick via email to chat about life, Chicago’s music scene and their continuing growth as a band. Opening for the band will be Sima Cunningham. The interview follows below.

Also, if you love it, and you should, you can grab tickets for the show HERE. Read more

Dreamy Track from Star to Be Re-Issued

starOk, so this is an old track from Star, almost ten years old in fact. But, I was cruising through Saint Marie Records, just jamming, and saw that they’re going to re-issue Devastator, the band’s 2007 hit album. It’s funny just how much you can see present influences in this old tune; there’s dreamy elements via Shannon Roberts voice, but a distorted guitar knifes it’s way, building a nice wall of sound. Is dream-gaze a genre? It has to be right? No word yet on when the re-issue comes out, but it sounds pretty great, so I’m digging on it.

Strange Faces Define Lo-Fi

EtHnj8W61v9AxZlCMRp86rwX31srFVD9FknMV2nISeg41jmojnFJp5wrepwdILzoEb342PBrqzsbIbf0ZDIdmUFiXvQXbB4pHfXLjW-BpAMlTs0equBkQ0PjyCd5oNScQAs the weather gets colder and we near the end of year, I always struggle to discover new music when we begin focusing on best of lists.  Chicago based band Strange Faces has woken me from my new music slumber today with this awesome new track called “I Saw Your Face”.  This is a song that truly defines what it means to be in the lo-fi pop genre.  Think The Men if they washed out everything about their sound and got a bit more poppy.

Stonerism is due out on December 11th via Autumn Tone Records.

Sloppy Rocker from Vamos + Austin Show @ Hotel Vegas

vamosI don’t know too much about Vamos, other than the Chicago trio just recently released a blast of a record, Spiderbait.  It’s this meld of punk rock with bits of sloppy party rock thrown in; it’s basically the sound of three guys blasting out a good time.  It’s one of those songs you just want to turn up real loud, bounce around your room and sing into your hairbrush (is that just me?). The group will be blowing into Austin on August 26th (Hotel Vegas) to support the record, so I wanted to make sure those locals that follow us are keeping an eye on what’s coming their way. The rest of you can find their LP on Maximum Pelt Records.

Pleased to Meet You: Ne-Hi

neehighFeel like it’s been rather slow as of late with the music coming our way, which is fair enough for the time of year.  So, when I got sent this Ne-Hi track, I was stoked, to say the least.  Upon first listen, it reminds me of a relaxed version of The Feelies, using great rhythm to propel the song forward, whilst employing these slightly angular guitar chords and semi-chanted lyrics.  The Chicago outfit is about ready to head out on a nice little nationwide tour in August, including an Austin date on August 24th. Check this new hit out.

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