Parrot Dream Drop Another Single

In just about a month, Parrot Dream will finally release their debut album, Light Goes, and they’re slowly letting singles trickle into the world. On the latest single, they open the song with an almost post-rock aesthetic, focusing on the crisp guitar sounds that spin around in step with the rhythm section. It’s not until the first minute has finished that you get to meet the band’s dream pop persona, introducing a wash of keyboards and warm vocals that ride the natural melody to the song’s end. It’s another nice entry into the band’s catalog, so if you’re interested, be sure to grab it from Good Eye Records on August 24th.

Another Tune from Maff

Chile’s Maff have already given us one spectacular single, and they’re back with a new tune…this time in English. Once you listen, you’ll clearly hear the distinctive sound of shoegaze, though I’m particularly fond of the presentation here. The verses are soft, predominantly percussion and reverb vocals. It’s the space in between verses where the pedals jump in with walls of distorted guitars cascading down through your speakers. Perhaps the strength of the group is the restraint, as they craft their noise around a central melody, never jumping too far into the noisiness that accompanies the work of many a peer. The band will release their Melanina EP, and let’s hope that sets the tone for a future LP, as I can’t get enough of this.

Spirit of Shoegaze Alive with Maff

From the instant this new Maff song jumps through your speakers, the guitars and percussion crash upon you, wave after wave of noise…beautifully crafted, of course. Then, the group pull back, allowing the Spanish lyrics to take center-stage, which makes sense seeing as the group calls Chile home. For me, the draw is in the unique details that flourish throughout, such as the way the guitars ring, then abruptly stop around the 1:20 mark, culminating in a dizzying nosedive of guitar noise. The band will release their Melanina EP on April 2nd, and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s filled with tracks as beautiful as this.

Indiepop from My Light Shines for You

What a great Friday it’s going to be now that we’ve got new music being offered up by Cloudberry Records; the label just announced this new 7″ from My Light Shines for You. The Chilean indiepoppers definitely know how to work those jangling riffs, then wrapping them up with sweet vocals…including some nice male/female accompaniment. It doesn’t last too long, so you’ll have to get your sugary fill before you press play and repeat. Look for the release to come your way this Fall via one of the finest labels in indiepop.

Dreamy Pop Tune from Trementina (SXSW Artist)

Trementina has two things going for them at the moment: they’re from Chile (a place I long to visit) and they craft beautifully simple dream pop. The band claim they aim to influence lucid dreaming, using the rain drenched backdrop of their home to draft atmospheric touches into their music. I love the way this song fades away in the middle of the song, only to slowly reemerge with the samples sputtering back into your ears. Luckily for me, the group will bound over national borders to make their way to Austin for a few SXSW dates, celebrating the release of their new album, 810, via Burger Records on March 24th.