New 7″ from Circle Pit

You know what you should have done yesterday?  You should have gone to your nearest record store and picked up this brand new 7″ from Australia’s Circle Pit, a band that’s been on our radar for some time.  The 7″ Slave/Honey was just released by our friends at Hardly Art, and it’s definitely one of my favorite short listens so far this year.  Luckily, you can sample the entire 7″ by going HERE. If you find yourself enjoying this droned pop music then go get yourself a copy; it will be worth your time.

New Tunes from Circle Pit

Running a site like this does from time to time take a lot of research, so I was lucky when I came across this band from Australia.  Circle Pit are set to hit the states this summer, and all things point to nothing but continued exposure and fame, as they’re already getting big in their home country.  This gem comes off their new album Bruise Constellation.  It sounds a lot like everything you’d hear on our home turf; it’s full of sunny guitars reminiscent of beaches and guy/girl vocals you can sing along to while you’re hitting the road this summer.  Get ready America, here comes Circle Pit.


Download: Circle Pit – Another Trick [MP3]