Beach Fossils Is Playing FFF8

We bring you another reason to get hype about Fun Fun Fun Fest 8. It is happening November 8th-10th at Auditorium Shores, ya know.

Beach Fossils released Clash The Truth early this year. We saw them at Red7 a few months later and while the show was great, there were a couple of technical difficulties that hampered it from being perfect. I doubt the bolted down Homies running gear at FFF will miss a beat. I would also expect a foray into the crowd by Dustin.

Check out the video for this jam that was just released over at MTV Hive directed by the Mac Demarco bass player, Pierce McGarry.

New Music from Beach Fossils

It’s hard not to be on board with Beach Fossils, but this new track they’ve just released to announce their upcoming record is something I didn’t exactly expect, in a good way of course.  My first listen sort of reminds me of early 90s indie pop, using jangling guitars and a bit of shoegaze flourishes to mold the sound of the song.  There’s still a bit of that angular guitar sound from the group, but they seem to have steered clear of repeating themselves with those sunny guitars and bubbly bass lines.  You can grab the new record, Clash the Truth, from Captured Tracks on February 19th.


Download:Beach Fossils – Careless [MP3]