Another Soccer Mommy Hit

Sophie Allison is out on the road in a well-attended tour with Phoebe Bridgers, but as we get more glimpse at her new album, we get to hear just how special Soccer Mommy is all on her own. This track begs you to bring your ear closer to the speaker, as it’s a quiet number, connecting intimately between listener and Allison. I love how gently she’s playing the guitar here, seemingly as an afterthought as she weaves her lyrics into the front of the mix. Her “debut” album, Clean, will be available on March 2nd via Fat Possum Records.


Soccer Mommy Announces Debut

If you’ve been anywhere in the Interwebs over the last year, then you’ve surely seen the name Soccer Mommy pop up a time or two (even here at ATH). It looks like Sophie Allison’s star continues to rise with the announcement of her album, Clean, which will be released by Fat Possum. At the age of 20, Allison carries a certain confidence in her songwriting that many veterans can’t come near; the soft hush that hits at the chorus is a pretty special moment, repeated to craft that dreamy essence before the guitar lightly feeds back. Look for this record to be a huge hit when it’s dropped on March 2nd.

Fresh Discovery: Scooterbabe

scooterI was doing a little research on this great little festival called Athens Intensified.  While looking it over, I came across this band, Scooterbabe on the festival’s line-up. They haven’t done anything new in awhile, but I’ve been stuck on their self-titled EP.  Part of it is this jangling bit of indiepop, which always has a spot in my heart.  But, I also hear a bit of the Promise Ring in the vocals, so of course my nostalgia flares up and gets me going all over again. They look like they’ve got tons of recent activity, so perhaps we’ll get to hear something brand new from the group soon. For now, I’m content with EP; you can pick it up for the NYOP now.


Download: Scooterbabe – Clean [MP3]