Another Pop Tune from the Close Lobsters

I suppose the timelessness of pop music is what keeps us all coming back time and time again. For me, it was the soft vocals and jangling guitar notes that remind of the first few tapes I bought as a kid, which is why this new number from the Close Lobsters is so great. There’s this slight British affectation to the vocals, and of course, that gives the song a distinct sound. All that said, it’s really just about that ringing guitar churning and turning in the stereo; it gets an added emphasis as the drums grow more forceful…rounding out as the perfect execution of pop music. Post Neo Anti will be released on February 28th via Last Night from Glasgow/ Shelflife Records.

Brand New Close Lobsters

Every time I go to cull some classic guitar pop from my record collection for DJing purposes, I always make sure I’ve got Foxheads Stalk This Land is in the bin. So to me, its great that some 30 years on, Close Lobsters are still making great pop music. The rhythm section does a fine job opening this track up to your ears, giving a nice bobbing pulse before the guitars come in and work their own charms. In the vocals, you can still find that sense of promise in the warmth of the melodies; it feels like there’s promise for us all just around the corner. Towards the end, you get some pseudo-spoken word moments working beneath the guitars before a sort of pop mantra rides the song to a close. The band will release their new album, Post Neo Anti via Shelflife/Last Night from Glasgow on February 28th.

Return of the Close Lobsters

closelobstersThere’s always a lot of talk in the indiepop circle about the influence of the C86 Tapes, but when it comes to the Close Lobsters, perhaps the best thing is that they’re still here bringing brilliant pop music to the fold. On this brand new single, their first in a few years, throw all the nods to the past out the window and relish in great pop songwriting; there’s a purity in every note that rings true in your soul. The subject matter even seems to tackle the importance of musical evolution in London, at least in more modern times…both the changes and the message left behind. You’ll hear this track on thebeautiful new Desires and Signs EPbeing issued by Shelflife on June 3rd.

New Music from Close Lobsters

closelobstersIt’s been a long-time coming, at least for those that pay constant tribute to the works of C86.  Close Lobsters quietly called it a day in the 90s, but they’re now returning with fresh music, after rekindling their musical fire in 2012.  This is the first piece of music we’ve gotten from the band in quite some time, but what’s interesting is how relevant this first single is.  It’s not dated, and it doesn’t sound like a modern re-hash; it’s got the same vibrancy the band captured long ago.  For you indiepop fans, the band will release their new Kunstwerk in Spacetime EP on Shelflife at the end of May.