Cloudberry Unearth Indiepop Gems from The Potting Shed

If you’re an aficionado or indiepop, or just a passing fan, then the best thing you can do is spend some time with Cloudberry Records. The label puts out some of the purest indiepop about, and recently has taken to unearthing hidden gems from the genres past. The label just announced that they’ll be putting out a compilation from The Potting Sheds as part of their Cloudberry Cake Kitchen, which has already seen releases from others like the Suncharms. Along with the announcement, this gem was quietly dropped, but it’s a doozy if you’re into groovy bounce and filling horn segments. Please just listen, and look for more come summertime.

Cloudberry Records Announce Some Other Day Collection

You can always count on a handful of dependable labels to hand you gifts you didn’t even know you wanted, such as the announcement of this collection of Some Other Day tunes. You can read a great interview about the foundation of the band via this interview on the Cloudberry Blog, then fall in love with the angelic combination of voice between Mark Walshe and Suzy Allen. This single offering also has that ringing jangle that indiepop fans will clamor for, leaving room for soaring harmonies between the two main songwriters for the group. The release of the compilation is slated to come later this year, so wait in anticipation.

Brand New Indiepop from Pale Spectres

palespectresFrench act Pale Spectres have been high upon my indiepop radar for quite some time, first appearing on my radar via Cloudberry Records. Luckily, the band and the label have let it slide that they’re working together again for what I can only assume is a delightful new 7″ early next year. Here you hear those angular guitar chops dancing playfully atop brooding bass, balanced by a soft vocal performance. In order to pull off great indiepop, you’ve got to have your execution down perfectly…and listening through again and again, I’m pretty sure these guys are simply spot on. We’ll keep you posted with more news from the band and label going forward.

Be sure to spend some time sampling some of the other great tunes in the Cloudberry catalog.

Stream the Stephen’s Shore EP

stephensA little bit ago we brought you the promising single from Stephen’s Shore for their 7″ on Cloudberry Records, and here we are now able to fall in love with the band’s brand new EP. There’s two sides to the EP, musically speaking. A few of the tracks have that classic indiepop guitar pop sound…not quite jangly, but just enough to indulge fans. Still, there’s “If You,” which sounds like some of the best dream pop to come, using crisp chords beneath a cool little wash of calm. Whatever your flavor, you’re going to love this one.

New Seashells Tunes!

seashellsThere’s no better way for me to start things off than with a delightful indiepop hit, such as the brand new one that just went up from The Seashells. There’s a solemnity to the vocals, even as the pitch stretches to reach the high notes; the lyrics seem to reflect the need for all of us to be present in our day, or at least for the narrator in this number. A piano skeleton is used to give the song some backbone, bouncing us all the way to the tracks fade out. Enjoy this track and look for the new 7″ from Cloudberry Records come October.

Stream The Suncharms Retrospective

suncharmsIt’s Friday, and everyone is hustling for those new releases, so I figured I’d bring a release that’s “new.” The Suncharms retrospective has just been put out by Cloudberry Records, and in a digital format by the band themselves. If you listen closely, and you adore indiepop, then you’ll surely hear the beginnings of everything you hold dear…from the guitars, the distortion and a need for it all to be held together by great melodies. Rumor has it that the band has also gotten around together and started writing brand new tracks for the future…we should be so lucky. Go ahead and enjoy the jams below; it’ll make your Friday a better place.

Fresh Indiepop from Stephen’s Shore

I’ve been down and out with the weather the last few days, so it’s great to be back, and what better way to make my splash than to bring you this indiepop gem from Stephen’s Shore. Shimmering guitars turn in your ears, and there’s just a hint of haze coating the vocals as they swirl through the rest of the mix. You want a precise bit of great indiepop? You’re not going to find a better one this week…at least until I do. Look for this track on a new 7″ coming out this summer from Cloudberry Records.

Don’t Cry Shopgirl Have a New 7″

11188248_630700463730740_2341388002965267490_nThis is not a Tom Hanks referencing post (wait, too late). Instead, it’s meant to reflect the exciting news coming out of Sweden this week that there will be a new 7″ from Don’t Cry Shopgirl. The song opens as a pretty synth-driven testament, with layered electronic stabs bursting in at varying times. Still, you can hear the angular guitar work that’s popularized in the genre, which never fails to win me over. Luckily, the 7″ looks to be an EP, as there are 4 songs listed; it’ll come out soon via the dependable Cloudberry Records…I’ll keep you posted on the date.


Download: Don’t Cry Shopgirl – Bring Me Home [MP3]

The Color Waves Get Cloudberry Records Back on Track

colorwavesOkay, so it’s not like Cloudberry ever really fell off, but they definitely had slowed down the production of one of the greater indiepop labels out there, so it’s good to see that they’re getting back on their game…especially with this great new song from The Color Waves.  There’s a wayward jangle/ring to the guitars, but it’s well-paced, so things don’t seem forced into the genre.  Vocals warmly wrap themselves around every turn in the song, not quite soaring, but definitely with some lofty ambitions.  The 7″ with this single will be issued later on this summer, but for now you can just rejoice in another great slice of pop music.

Bouncy Indiepop from Parcel Post

parcelCloudberry Records has been fairly quiet as of late, which is understandable considering the difficult climate of running a boutique label.  But, as I was growing the site for an update, I ran across this gem of a tune from Parcel Post.  I wasn’t able to find too much information on the group themselves, but this tune’s pretty remarkable (I do know there’s some relation to Summer Cats and Fireflies).  It’s got the traditional indiepop jangle, but it also has some playful touches like the bells being hit in unison with the melody.  This is a single that’s coming via the label in conjunction with Kingfisher Bluez as part of a single series.  Sit back and feel good about yourself.


Download: Parcel Post – Centimetres [MP3]

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