New Video and Song from Cold Beat

I’m a big Hannah Lew fan, and I’ve been following her work in Cold Beat pretty closely. So, here we are today, just a day away from the release of Chaos by Invitation, with a new track, and perhaps one of the most striking on the new LP. This number is predominantly a synth driven track, aided by Lew’s voice. The accompanying video seems to portray an element of isolation, which goes in line with Lew’s notes about the song reflecting upon the period of acceptance during times of change and turmoil. Feel free to enjoy this song as many times as possible, and pick it up tomorrow via Crime on the Moon.

Stream Typical Girls Volume 2

Last year Emotional Response released Typical Girls Volume One, and with so much adoration, the label decided to up the ante and give us TG Volume Two. You’ll find 14 brand new tracks to devour, all featuring female artists that deserve to be part of your record collection. You’ll get some familiar names like Cold Beat and Neighborhood Brats, but you’re also likely to discover a few names you’re unaware of at the moment. Plus, because the label rules, they’re releasing it on clear vinyl, making it an immediate collectors edition for you vinyl heads. Go right HERE to grab your copy from the label immediately!

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Did You Miss New Cold Beat

I miss Hannah Lew, though I suppose it hasn’t been too long since we last heard from her project, Cold Beat. Nonetheless, the band is back with a brand new album, and this new track is as delightfully dreamy as I’d want. Synths work against ringing guitar chords, and Lew’s vocal distantly serenades listeners. One of my favorite bits about her work is that there’s not too much brevity in her work, always giving us enough to watch the song unfold as its meant to be. Chaos by Invitation will see a release on April 7th via Crime on the Moon, so look for more tracks to sink your teeth into soon.

The ATH Top 50 Albums of 2015

Albums ListYear-end lists are everywhere…and I can see why they’re important to people. But, seeing as we generally walk off the beaten path more often than not, our list of the Top 50 Albums of 2015 is in no particular order, save alphabetically. It seems pointless to rank one piece of art higher than another, especially when the four of us at ATH all have varying tastes. We just put this list together of the albums we loved the most this year. Are we saying they’re better than records by Grimes or Kendrick Lamar? No, we’re just saying that these are the records we loved more than others. So, you can read on for what we thought was hot.

Also…put links to individual stores where you can buy the albums from the bands…as that’s how we all survive in this music world.
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New Music Monday: Stream These Three Albums

unnamedWe’re all about giving you the best, so when we see that some great new albums are streaming and readily available for you to consume, we like to let you know. I’ve got three brand new streams for you today, one of which can be found below and two that are a short click away. Below, you’ll find Cold Beat‘s upcoming album, Into The Air, which is an indie rock gem with lush vocals. You can also stream Widowspeak‘s All Yours over here which is a hazy mix filled with tons of guitar hooks. Last, but certainly not least, check out Woolen Men’s album, Temporary Movements that is lo-fi jangle treat to delight all. Keep it real and enjoy the bounty of albums available for you today.

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The World Wants You to Listen to Cold Beat

coldbeatI really like this new Cold Beat single; I’m hooked on the synth propulsion that opens up the song. But, like all things associated with Hannah Lew, there’s this beautiful harmony working beneath, even if there’s a touch of sterility in the song’s craft.  I’ve always been a fan of Lew’s new project, but I think when Into the Air gets a release, it’s going to be the one that really breaks through to a larger audience…perhaps even encouraging them to go back the oft-overlooked Grass Widow. Look for the new LP on September 4th via Crime on the Moon.

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Fresh Tune from Cold Beat

coldbeatThose of you who’ve missed out on the work of Hannah Lew, please go back in time and visit Grass Widow.  Or, you could look at her most recent release Over Me with her current project, Cold Beat.  She’s started her own label, and she’ll be releasing the group’s second album, Into the Air, which takes on a different thematic perspective this time around.  Interestingly, it seems that Lew is writing of her struggles to survive in San Francisco, despite changes to the city’s cultura landscape; that’s something that seemingly rings true to with a lot of large cities of late. Give a listen, and look for the album on September 4th via Crime on the Moon.

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Fall In Love with Cold Beat

ColdBeat_byRingoI’ll be the first to admit that I was pretty floored by the last Grass Widow effort, so since their departure, I’ve been keeping an eye on what Hannah Lew has been working on.  This track from Cold Beat fills in pretty nicely as her new project,  still kicking out those great guitar lines that serve as the background to her vocals.  Personally, I love how the vocals work atop each other here; it’s like one person is singing while the rest are working in juxtaposition, yet it all fits nicely.  If you’re going on this song alone, sounds like the band’s debut, Over Me, won’t be too far removed from what Lew’s done before (and I mean that in a good way); the record hits on July via Crime on the Moon.

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