Colourmusic Returns with Pool Party EP

We’ve been longtime followers of Oklahoma outfit Colourmusic, and we’re always grateful when they drop something new into the world. They just dropped their Pool Party EP, and I think its a perfect collection of tunes, offering up the perfect balance between their noisier experimental moves and their traditional quirky pop tendencies. The title track, which we’ve got below, has this sort of slinky bob and weave, with singer Ryan howling through the drum and tambourine stomp. I’ve been really enjoying listening to “Pink Moon” quite a bit too, but you know I’m a sucker for a good pop feel. For me, the band are still experimenting with sound, which warrants an award all its own…but you could just stream the new EP too!

SXSW 2019 – A Recap

Yet another SXSW is in the books and it’s time for the ATH crew to reminisce a little and offer some highlight from the week behind us. I think we’ve had enough time now to take a few deep breaths, collect our thoughts, and delve through tons of notes and photos. As we’ve done in the past, we’ll offer up awards to bands, venues and events worthy of such praise. It will be glorious. Hit the jump for a full recap with photos.

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More New Music From Colourmusic

Upload_Colour_2011_09_29-23_21_18Our friends Colourmusic have a new album dropping soon that we know you’re going to love, and the singles previewing the LP should confirm our anticipation.  You’ve already heard new track “Horse Race” a couple of weeks ago and now we have this driving tune “Dreamgirl 82” for your awaiting ears.  I’ve personally had my hands on this one for awhile and it’s already up to something like 50+ plays in my iTunes.  I suggest you give the song a listen, making sure you hang out for one of the most epic beat drops in the history of music around the 2:18 mark.  Don’t skip ahead to it you assholes!  Listen to this one from start to finish and revel in all it’s psyched out, dark pop glory.

New album, May You Merry Rich, comes your way April 8th on Memphis Industries.

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New Jams from Colourmusic

colourmusicWe’ve been sitting quietly on the excellent new Colourmusic album, waiting for the group to unleash one of their singles on the masses.  Finally that day has come, and I think you’ll be pleased with the bands maturity over the years.  Over time the band have moved from an oddball folk outfit to a noise barrage to, well, this; it’s the best of both worlds. There’s an underlying darkness, but the vocals of singer Hendrix still have a smooth delivery that allows for the band’s penchant for melody to shine through.  It’s an intoxicating mix of noise and beauty, all of which will be found on the group’s new album, May You Marry Rich, due in April via Memphis Industries.

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Ray Ray’s SXSW 2013 Recap

Ray Ray SxSW ThoughtsSo it’s been said already that the festival has wrapped up and we’re all trying to recover as best we can back at work Monday.  It was a fun and exhausting week full of incredible music, tons of booze, and many an old friend.  We’re each taking a look back at our week in free live music with some recaps and now it’s my turn.  Follow the jump for more.

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Cool Vibe from Electricity in Our Homes

I stumbled upon this great track from Electricity in Our Homes, and I really wanted to share it with everyone. At first, I started to think of their album, Dear Shareholder, as a bit of constructionist pop-art, but the more I listen the more I can’t help but compare them to the early work of our dear friends in Colourmusic.  It combines odd time structures and off-kilter melodies/harmonies; somehow, it all fits nicely together giving you a nice groovy listen that’ll keep your toes tapping throughout the day. You’re definitely going to want to give the following number some repeated spins today!



Friday Top 5: Best Pics of 2011

The photo guy has to have his best of list, right?

The five photos featured are my favorite moments shooting music this year. I want to share some background about them, what was going on when they happened. These aren’t the “best” photos I have taken, but they are all my best memories captured. Thank you, 2011 Live Music, and thank you Austin Town Hall for inviting me to be part of the team.

Break it for the rundown and a gallery of other favorites…
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Show Pics: Colourmusic, Colour Revolt @ Emo’s

We caught up with our good friends Colourmusic, who opened for Colour Revolt. Texans Dignan kicked off the night, Colourmusic brought the noise, and Colour Revolt left everyone happy.

And when we say Colourmusic brought the noise, we mean it. Colourmusic was about as loud as we can remember anyone ever being at Emo’s, and that is saying a lot. Earplugs were complaining to the management. It was awesome.

Click the link for pictures.

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Show Preview: Colour Revolt @ Emo’s (9/29)

Date 9/29/11
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Ticketweb

It is a very busy weekend for shows in Austin ladies gentlemen, very busy indeed.  Prior to the official start of the weekend, you have some tough choices to make on Thursday night and the show at Emo’s headlined by Colour Revolt should definitely be on your radar.  We are of course more excited for our boyfriends in the supporting band Colourmusic.  I hear those guys know how to rock and stuff.  Opening support on the night is provided by Dignan.


Download: Colour Revolt – Naked and Red [MP3]

Colourmusic – My _____ is Pink

Rating: ★★★★☆

Having one of your key contributors stuck in England due to VISA restrictions isn’t ideal for any band, but in the case of Colourmusic, it seems that this unfortunate tragedy led to an entirely different beast.  While their first effort circled around pop hooks with epic jams, this new piece is a fierce animal, forging new ground for the band, making My ____ is Pink their best collection of songs to date.

If there was any question as to what type of album this would be now that the band are primarily a three-piece, “Beard” sets the record straight just a few seconds into the track.  Scuzzy bass blasts straight into your ears, while singer Ryan Hendrix hauntingly wails in the background.  It’s an about face for a band that once dominated the music scene with their theatrics, and clever hooks. My ___ is Pink is in your face all the time.

Despite it’s grittier feel from the get go, don’t think that Colourmusic have released their grasp on playing with pop structuralism.  “Feels Good to Wear” has the group toying with space, letting atmospheric elements ring out, while the bass bubbles in from time to time, and drummer Nicholas Ley keeps everything tight and steady.  Similarly, “Dolphins and Unicorns” uses the band’s playfulness, in both title and craftsmanship, to get a bit funky, twisting out what one can assume is a little pedal work from Hendrix on guitar, and Ley again working the percussion like very few can. Clearly, the band aren’t messing around anymore, as even they’re pop experimentalism is focused.

The meat and potatoes for My ___ is Pink comes perhaps a bit too early, but demonstrates above anything else, that Colourmusic clearly came ready to make a name for themselves. “You For Leaving Me” uses gang vocals and a hint of organ to create this grand emotion, just as Colin F. brings back in that devilish bass line, kicking the song off into some Satanic re-incarnation of the Polyphonic Spree; but it’s not a chorale track, it’s a kick right to your sweet tooth.  From here you jump right into “Tog,” the lead single from the record.  You’ll hear hints of the previous album in Hendrix vocal softly floating atop this track, but Ley’s drumming, as well as the rest of the musicianship give the song a solid backbone. Perhaps one of the greatest elements of this song is the group’s ability to hold back, when easily you can see them letting loose on listeners in a great wall of fury.

You’ll love the epic “The Little Death,” which seemingly serves as a reference point for everything the band holds dear.  There’s hints of industrial music in the opening few minutes, modern avant pop in the vocals, hints of noise-rock and metal, and a nod to knob twiddlers in the end.  While it’s not the finale of My ____ is Pink, it very well serves as a reckoning to listeners, both present and future.  Colourmusic is no longer that cute little band that wrote jam-laden pop tunes, they’re an angry band here to exploit anything and everything they’ve ever loved about music. They’re going to throw it in your face, and the great thing is, your going to see where they’re coming from, know who they are, and you’ll love it, every bit.


Download: Colourmusic – Tog [MP3]

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