So MTV recently announced that it is canceling Total Request Live. I think that means they officially play zero music now. Not that the 15 second sound bytes of Miley Cyrus they played on TRL really counted as playing music. Looks like it was a bit of a guilty pleasure for poor Steve, however…

No One Cares What You Think, Slipknot

Corey Taylor of Slipknot recently stated that the record labels are to blame for music piracy. Corey says the problem is that the bands that are being promoted aren’t “up to standard”. You can read what he has to say here. Hmmm, I could probably take that argument a bit more seriously if it were coming from, say, anyone other than a member of Slipknot…

Arcade UFO

So for any one who hasn’t heard, a new arcade opened up in Austin this past weekend. Its called Arcade UFO and they are currently one of only nine arcades in the country to import Japanese Street Fighter 4 machines! The American release date isn’t until Jan. 2009 so if you grew up playing Street Fighter like I did, this is a pretty big deal. They also have tons of other great games so do your part to help keep arcade gaming alive in Austin and check out Arcade UFO!


There’s nothing like a good old trip to H-E-B. Sure it takes hours to fight your way down each aisle. Sure you inevitably run into at least one person you didn’t want to see. Sure they don’t recognise the concept of expiration dates. At least they have some pretty good deals, on everything


It’s not easy writing comics. Sometimes I stare at a blank sheet of paper for hours with nothing to show for it. However, every now and then the comic gods smile down upon me and a strip practically writes itself. Chris Cornell teaming up with Timbaland is one of those moments.

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