Bedroom Pop from Shawn Kim

Wanted to sort of kick off Tuesday with something playful that came across the old desk this week…a new track from Canadian Shawn Kim. He kind of teases the listener, sort of like Majical Cloudz, operating with this theatrical vocal riding atop a simple groove, a la the majority of classic bedroom pop. But, at the one minute mark, the beat drops in and the song begins to swell and blossom; it ends up fading back out through the song’s latter half, but that hook, however brief, really drove this song into my subconscious…like a bedroom version of Jens Lekman or something.

Sometimes You Just Have To Give In…

640px-Sky_Ferreira_the_pageant_2013_1This is an admission. I like a Sky Ferreira song. “You’re Not The One” from Night Time, My Time is a perfectly balanced pop song that deserves a listen. I may get blasted by my ATH teammates, but damn this is catchy and I have to admit to everyone that it is among the top jams in my head right now. A great guitar hook rings over floating fluty-synth substance in standard pop song structure, it is a hit.

I resisted the hype machine, the tour O_o announcements, the drug arrests, the album cover controversy, the buzz, but I hide no more. I feel better and can go into my weekend with an eased mind.

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