Milky Wimpshake Share Two New Singles

Next week Milky Wimpshake will release their first record in five years, and its shaping up to be quite a thrill, at least for those on my end of the spectrum…whatever that means. They’ve just released two new singles from Confessions of an English Marxist, so I wanted to make sure those were out in the world. On “Welcome to Fascist Britain” you get a little bit more of that ramshackle indiepop sound; its more boisterous, comes at you with more force, but as always, they don’t shy away from great hooks like the chorus! Then you “I Don’t Wanna Go There,: which definitely seems like a great way to close the record; it offers this lighter attitude, blending in some softened backing vocals…this is the most charming track I’ve heard today. The album comes out next Friday courtesy of Bobo Integral.

More from Milky Wimpshake

We’ve already brought you a tune or two from the forthcoming Milky Wimpshake LP, their first since 2015, but I couldn’t miss out on a chance to give you a heads up that Rachel from Flowers is also featured on a few occasions. If you’re grabbing the record, as you should, you’ll find the opener, featured below, has her voice paired perfectly with the band; the song’s full of swaggering pop rock…the infectious sort of course. I love how they mute the rock in the opening verses to let the vocal harmonies shine together, before pushing down on the pedals and letting loose. The chugga-chugga riffs of the chorus are perfect slices of rock n’ roll…I just want to play this song all the damn day long! Bobo Integral will release Confessions of an English Marxist on October 16th.

Milky Wimpshake Return with Confessions of an English Marxist

Oh Milky Wimpshake, how I missed thee! The long running act has been mostly quiet since 2015, but they return (real soon) with a new LP titled Confessions of an English Marxist! Our first listen has the group hanging in the territory where they last left us, bringing about jangling pseudo-punk in a nice bubblegum wrapper. My favorite part are those soft edges hanging about aside the sharp chords; you can hear just the faintest twinkle of a melody, and its every so charming. This new LP is being handled by Bobo Integral, who always release fine pop bits; it drops on October 16th.