Another Track From Connections

If you’re one of those that think’s guitar pop is out of fashion, then perhaps you should take a moment to sit back and listen to this new track from Connections. There’s a slight jangling shuffle to the guitar, while the rhythm section steadies the ship. It’s like a super casual Teenage Fanclub just came over to play you their demos without throwing full force on the distortion pedal; even the melodic presentation of the vocals harkens to the purest of power pop. Don’t worry, they throw in a quick little guitar solo, just to show you they can. The band will drop Foreign Affairs via Trouble In Mind on May 11th.

Brand New Connections Tune

I’ve been writing about Connections pretty much nonstop since I discovered them a few years back via a friend at the record store. They’re back with exciting news…a new LP and a new label; they’ve just signed up with Trouble In Mind. Our first listen has the group readying a steady rock number, heavy on DIY attitude, but filled with infectious hooks. The guitars and drums crash down emphatically, matched by the band’s vocal performance. Perhaps my favorite thing is that the group are just banging out rock n’ roll hits; there’s no pretense, no BS, just swagger and hooks. Foreign Affairs will drop on May 11th.

Top 50 Albums of 2016

top50You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016. It’s really really important. We’re going to make our site great again with this list. We’re going to win, bigly. But really, it’s just a list of the stuff we loved the most that we covered throughout this year on our site. The comment section is open, so feel free to tell us where we’ve gone wrong or what we’ve got right or anything else fitting. Read more

Hear The New Connections Single

connectionsSometimes the world gets it right, the hype machine goes exactly where it should…in this case it’s the support of Connections. I’ve written about the group many times before, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting their new effort Midnight Run. Their first single falls somewhere in the vein of garage punk meets Teenage Fanclub; it combines gritty recording/attitude with a penchant for melodious power-pop hooks. If this is your first time listening to them, then do yourself a favor and go back through their whole catalog and try to find a bad song…because you can’t. Look for this new record on Anyway Records on July 22nd.

Grab a Free WFMU Set from Connections

connectionsConnections have been one of my favorite discoveries of the last few years; I owe a huge thanks to Steven from Sweet Talk for that one.  Following the band, I was alerted to a set they did for WFMU, which features a couple of new songs that the band hasn’t released.  It’s ten songs recorded live in studio, which makes me hanker to catch the act live in Austin (come down here please!). You’ll also get to hear several versions of previously released tracks, which you owe to yourself to pick up if you haven’t done so already. You can hear this song, “Cruise Control,” off their Into Sixes LP…a must have in any good rock n’ roll collection.  Grab the free session HERE.


Download: Connections – Cruise Control [MP3]

Stream a New EP from Connections

connectionsOne of the great little-known bands I’ve come across in the last few years has been Connections; I got turned onto them by a friend at the record store. They had a great effort, Into Sixes, that may have been drastically overlooked this year, but this new EP deserves a lot of attention. It’s a short little EP, offering up some more gems for fans of catchy power pop fans; it was just released this week by Hozac Records. I promise, you’ll love every song on the 5 Imaginary Boys EP.

New Music from Connections

Sixes_Promo2I’ve been hooked on the Connections ever since my friend Stephen of Sweet Talk turned me on to their first two LPs.  I snatched them up, and I’ve been thirsting for more, which is lucky as the band are about to release their new record, Into Sixes, next week. The latest track to surface is a perfect piece of power pop, the like I haven’t heard since the last Gentleman Jesse record.  The guitars are crisp, the cymbals shake in all the right places, and the vocals are extremely infectious; I don’t think fans of this genre will find a better LP than what these guys have to offer. They’ve also just put up a video for the single you should watch HERE.  Look for the LP next week via Anyway Records at your local store, or pre-order it HERE.