Control Top Share One Good Day

I know that Control Top‘s Covert Contracts got a lotta lotta love last year from all the heavy hitters…but I listened, and it was good, but it wasn’t something that really blew me away. Here they are upon their return, and I want to like it, but at the moment, I’m on the fence. Ali Carter’s voice is the high point throughout; there’s a flare in it that only the best front people have, shining through the recorded version. Musically, I just wasn’t super interested in the guitar work; it felt like someone that was really into Queens of the Stone Age their whole life suddenly wanted to be in a punk band. Guess that makes me an asshole, but I wanted something sharper, more angular. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it. You?

A Year End List from Joe Smyth of Nine Mile Records and Touring

Joe Smyth help us keep our Austin theme today, as he’s one of the folks helping get Austin acts (and others) out on the road. But, more importantly, he’s a scavenger of music news, so he’s given us a couple of great lists…one a shout out to the blogs that turned him onto great music…and the other just a general best of list. Peruse as you must, and if you have touring needs…check out Nine Mile Touring.

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