Cool Sounds Return with Around and Down

Less than a year after the release of the excellent Cactus Country LP, Aussie outfit Cool Sounds return with a brand new single and the promise of a new LP later this year. For now, let’s sit back and let the vibes of this tune really seep deep into our pores, soothing the soul. In the opening, there’s a slight keyboard pulse, but shortly, guitars chime in, circling overhead like a pop vulture awaiting its next victim. I think the vocals change things slightly, almost taking on a sunny disposition as they float through the air; it sort of reminds me of Woods a few albums ago. Another hypnotic piece of pop music from a group with endless talent; we’ll keep you posted on more news of that new records.

Cool Sounds Share Cassandra

Soon to be coming across the oceans is Cactus Country, the brand new album of hits from Australia’s Cool Sounds. Today we get to share with you what it’s all about, with this energetic, popping track. It takes on a bit of a warbling folk number to kick things off, soon rolling into a full on bounce by way of the rhythm section. Twanging guitar and keys jump in and out of the tune all along, illustrating the group’s penchant to just craft, dare I say, cool sounds. Love the natural sun shining from the chorus, and I bet you will too. If that’s the case, grab Cactus Countryfrom Osborne Again on October 26th.

Cool Sounds Share Cool Sounds

I’ve been into the work of Cool Sounds for just a bit, and with the announcement of a new LP on the horizon, lets get back on it. The opening minute and a half is a little more subtle than before, perhaps drawing inspiration from a more classic rock guitar sound, maybe even a fine slice of country. Still, the Melbourne outfit are a pop outfit, so they’re not turning their back on that sound, letting the tension build up until a funky little jam delivers pop sensibility to keep you all in check. Cactus Country will be out on October 26th via Osborne Again.

Charming Pop from Cool Sounds

There’s a new EP from Cool Sounds floating around today with a few tracks they had laying around after finishing up their second LP. I’d listen to this EP on the strength of the opener alone; I love the harmonies in the vocals, and the sax fits right into the vibe. And while I enjoy these four tracks, I’m stuck on the feels with the final tune, “Grudge.” While the pop sensibility is prevalent, the track almost wobbles due to the production, muddying up the polish and churning out an intoxicating mood that will have you spinning the track over and over. If these are the songs leftover from the sessions on LP 2, then we’re in for something brilliant. For now, enjoy these tunes.

More Dreamy Pop from Cool Sounds

coolsoundListening to this song all morning, and I can’t believe that the name Cool Sounds hasn’t already been chosen by someone. That being said, I think it’s a pretty easy way to get into the group; it’s a simple explanation of the band’s pop construction. On their latest single, you’ll hear a deepened dream-state just tinged slightly with some jangling guitar work. While I initially think there was some horn catching my ear, the only thing I ended up focusing on was the calming effect of the vocals. It’s good to see a pop band taking on some different vibes. This new single is stand-alone for the moment, but promises to be included on the group’s forthcoming LP for Deaf Ambitions.

Wistful Pop from Cool Sounds

coolsoundThis great track from Cool Sounds popped in the other day, and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world…or just the 8 followers we have. The Melbourne band are prepping their first full-length, Dance Moves, and let’s hope that this song, or vibe, makes its way into the album. There’s a smooth horn that rides its way through the entirety of the track, but that fits perfectly into the slow winding pop of the track…all given an emphatic push by the switching of male/female vocalists. Looking forward to see what’s coming from this act in the near future.