New Music From Arctic Monkeys

monkeysShortly after the release of their LP Humbug in August, the Arctic Monkeys are set to release an EP of B-sides from the album’s recording sessions.  The EP, entitled Cornerstone, hits stores today and many tracks are already making their way to the interweb.  Here’s one called “Fright Lined Dining Room” which is more enjoyable to me than anything on the last record.  You can hear another song from the EP called “Catapult” here.


Download: Arctic Monkeys – Fright Lined Dining Room [MP3]

From The Closet: Embodyment

embodymentMany moons ago during my high school days, I was heavy into hardcore Christian rock and Embodyment was by far my favorite band of the genre.  Formed in 1993, Embodyment dropped 4 albums and countless demos during their career which sadly ended in 2004.  The band started off as more of a screamo/metal-core band, but after new lead singer Sean Corbray joined the band in 1999, Embodyment found their alternative hardcore sound.  This song, “One Less Addiction”, appears on the band’s 2000 album The Narrow Scope of Things which was the first effort with Corbray.  The album blended the band’s hardcore sound with the new vocal stylings of Corbray to create arguably the best album of the niche genre.  I’m partial to this one because I was in my very own hardcore Christian rock band in high school and our cover of this jam may have been our biggest hit…  Rock on Cornerstone!


Download: Embodyment – One Less Addiction [MP3]