Brand New Cosines Tune!

Cosines press copyWhile we’re all eagerly awaiting the next brilliant LP from Cosines, the band have been kind enough to record a stop-gap EP to hold fans over for the time being. Walking the line between jangle and pristine guitar ring, this first sample is five minutes of charming indiepop; the lyrics are clever, telling the story of a couple who never seem to have quite committed to one another, despite being madly in love. Honestly, I didn’t even notice this song ran on for so long because I was so wrapped up in it…that’s the best thing you can say about a song in my opinion. Take a listen below, and go grab the Transitions EP from the Fika Recordings Shop, home to many more delightful releases.

Fresh Indiepop from Cosines

coverToday is a good day for some of my favorite labels, and the hard work of Fika Recordings is coming to fruition with the announcement of this new single from Cosines. Interestingly, I can see that there’s some definite indiepop lineage in what the band are crafting, but if you’re listening then perhaps you’re hearing a bit of a glam rock stomp going on ; it’s one of the traits that helps differentiate the work of the band from many of their compatriots.  Their brand new single will be out in May, with this being the stellar A-side.