Screaming Females Cover the Selecter

Since Fridays are meant for fun, why don’t we take two bands I really love, Screaming Females and the Selecter, and see how the two fit together? Wait! Screaming Females have just covered the Selecter’s “On My Radio?” Well, let’s share that jam! I love how the band manage to keep their own sound, particularly in the guitar work, while still incorporating the natural joy of old school ska. Personally, I’d love to see Marissa out there doing a little skank just like Pauline Black did when I last saw the Selecter at Liberty Lunch. Say what you want, old school ska and new school ska were fun, and while there was nu-metal and aggro-punk swirling about in the mid 90s, it was a great place to find yourself dancing with your friends…I’m off to go skank about my classroom.

Massage Cover I’m Going in a Field

After dropping the excellent Still Life earlier this year, Massage turned around and announced the Lane Lines EP last month. There’s a new tune circulating, which is a cover of the classic Ivor Cutler Trio tune, “I’m Going in a Field.” They drag the original into a sort of paisley landscape, toying with jangling guitars, while still allowing the emotive quality of the tune to remain the focus. I know the band is based in LA, but this track feels like it should take place in the foggy realms of San Francisco or London, giving it this timelessness that’s sure to win new fans of the group. Look for Lane Lines via Mt. St. Mtn. on December 10th.