Fortuna Pop! All Stars Cover the Comet Gain

I’ve never hidden my adoration for legendary act Comet Gain, but today I was given a gift of that I wasn’t expecting; Fortuna Pop gathered all their friends to record a cover of “You can Hide Your Love Forever.” The song fulfills the labels last of their subscription series, so this might be your only way to enjoy the song; you can find the original on Comet Gain’s album Broken Record Prayers. There’s too many names to mention them all, but members of notable bands like Allo Darlin, The Loves, Hefner, Spook School, Martha, Flowers…and Emma Kupa who gets bass credit (though no vocal credit?!)…all play a part. A delightful tune, in both original and cover. I have a feeling that in about a decade, folks will look back on Fortuna Pop as the Sarah Records of its day…bummer its hard to get all those albums in the US. Anyways. Enjoy pop.

Buy it HERE.

Night Drive Shares A Cover

Our friends in Night Drive have covered Perfume Genius and Radiohead previously, tagged as summer covers. They also do “Psycho Killer” live, but if you haven’t heard it, that Radiohead is one of the best things to get you all swirly-eyed-lost-in-the-moment at any Night Drive show.

The latest release is a not-quite-summer cover has us reimagining The National’s “Anyone’s Ghost”. It goes slightly uptempo to disco levels and adds a pile of synthy harmony with more movement in the phrasing of the lyrical delivery versus the original. The song builds and diverts from the source material the further along you listen.

Premiere: Sour Notes Cover Patti Smith

The Sour Notes just recently released their latest album, Darkest Sour, but they’re not stopping there. Encouraged by participation in various “hoot nites” in Austin, the band have recorded a full album worth of covers titled This Is Not Our Music. Today, we happy bring you their cover of “Gloria” by Patti Smith (well, it was by THEM, but they’re doing the Patti Smith rendition). Jared does a great job with his performance, pulling off the natural bravado of Smith in every delivered note. For me, the best thing is that it gives us a glimpse into the minds of the band. We all love to pigeonhole bands, tell them who their influences are, but here we have a band stepping out and saying, here’s what we love! I’m excited to hear some versions of Jawbreaker and Wire that they’ll have out soon enough!


Brand New Harlem Track

You’ve all heard that Harlem is returning, at least in temporary form. The band is reuniting, and doing a bit of touring…starting with a show this Saturday at Hotel Vegas…then they go off to Australia. So, in effort to be their best, the band have been practicing non-stop, trying to guarantee good times and good vibes. Luckily, they managed to lay down a new track too…so give it a go right here! Hope you realize it’s a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Cola.”

Brand New Deep Cuts Single + Sade Cover

Houston’s Deep Cuts have been on our radar for some time, as they’re always putting out important pop music in the Lone Star State (or so says I). They just passed this brand new single our way, a song highlighting the sentiment of being surrounded by pseudo-friends and deciding whether to sit back and enjoy it, or just go on and get high. Even with the dark sentiment, you can’t escape the band’s uplifting pop vibes coming your way.

And speaking of pop music, the band put an incredible spin on Sade‘s “Hang On to Your Love,” taking the natural groove and dripping it with textured synth and a more impactful beat. The band has a slew of Texas dates, and then they hit up Brooklyn for an AdHoc sponsored show on July 7th. Rest easy “Friends,” pop music will save you.

Delay Trees Cover Cats on Fire

delay_trees_promokuva_02_2016I’m generally not one to buy into covers and what not, but here Soliti have put two of my favorite acts together: Delay Trees covering Cats on Fire. I love the fact that Delay Trees have been able to add a layer of brightness to the original, simply with a warmer vocal tone. It’s wonderful to hear band’s you adore cover their friends, all perfectly complimenting one another. This cover is featured on Soliti’s celebration of running the label for 5 years with their My Brain Hurts A Lot Comp, which features the label’s acts covering their labelmates. Enjoy your day folks.

Melbourne’s Parading Cover Paul Kelly

paradingParading are readying a new record for Lost and Lonesome, but in the meantime they’ve offered a cover of Paul Kelly’s “Big Heart.” Their take utilizes a similar opening moment with the guitar, though there’s more fragility in the vocals. As the song moves along, they muddy it up with more texture than you’ll hear on the classic version. They add in an extra few bars of exploratory sound, which should come as no surprise to folks familiar with the band’s work. It’s Friday, and that means you should just listen to good tunes, so add this one to your list.

Business of Dreams Covers David Westlake

businessI don’t usually go for covers, but this one involves two of my favorites, so I can’t really hide my adoration for either. This particular tune features Business of Dreams, the project of Corey from Terry Malts/Magic Bullets, covering David Westlake of The Servants. Corey has a softer touch, accompanied by a female backing vocal and some light string arrangements. Still, the whole of the song is pretty special, as it always was, and warrants just a few moments of your time today…as well as the days to follow. Business of Dreams is wrapping up a debut LP, and we’ll keep you posted on that front as news comes our way.

New Music from Darren Hayman

darrenOne of my favorite tracks of the last few years is “Boy, Look at What You Can’t Have Now,” which features Darren Hayman (as well as Emma Kupa), so I’ve kept a close eye on the hard-working music vet. Just yesterday, the esteemed Fortuna Pop upped a cover version of “I”ve Been a Bad Bad Boy” by Paul Jones; it’s a new track from Darren Hayman that he recorded with Papernut Cambridge (a band he drums for) as his backing band. It’s a delightful cover, focused around Hayman’s distinctive voice, providing just a hint of swing to it. The label will be releasing the 7″ on May 20th as part of their Jukebox 45 Single Series…and it’ll be very limited on purple vinyl, so rush on over there.

Have You Heard John Rusch

johnWell, I hadn’t heard of John Rusch either, that is until I got turned onto the songwriter last night. Perhaps he’s writing tunes in his bedroom right now as we speak, and I hope they’re all as good as the hits he recently put up on his Soundcloud. Sure, some of the songs take on too much, but when you listen to every moment, and I did, you find some really incredible songwriting lurking (besides, it’s gotta be hard being a one-man band!). I particularly love his Vanessa Williams cover (streaming below). When everything else just seems like another carbon copy, try out something a little different.

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