New Video from Crayon Fields

11703409_10153492077879181_8232890633749222260_oAfter being relatively quiet for the past few years while various members worked on other projects, Crayon Fields burst back into my heart with their new album, No One Deserves You. It’s a pop record of the best sort, filling your ears with delicious melodies and the entrancing voice of Geoff O’ Connor. One of the album’s best tracks just got a brand new video treatment, and the video has the perfect feel for both the song and the record. This is honestly one of my favorite tunes this year, and the video only reaffirms its power. Buy the album now from Chapter Music.

Beautiful New Crayon Fields Tune

thecrayonfields01One of the new albums coming out this year that has me waiting anxiously is the new LP from Australia’s Crayon Fields. They’ve been one of my favorites, but had been relatively until the last few months when they announced No One Deserves You. I’m on pins and needles here, and the newest single isn’t going to deter me. Interestingly, the vocals of singer O’Connor sound vaguely similar to Ramesh of Voxtrot, and there’s a definite synth drive going on here too that hooks listeners. Their new album is being released by Chapter Music on September 25th, so you better ready to fall in love.

New Hit from Geoffrey O’Connor of Crayon Fields

My adoration with Geoffrey O’Connor admittedly began with his work with geoffCrayon Fields, one of our favorite exports from Australia.  But, that being said, I’ve also really enjoyed the work he’s done solo, so it comes as no surprise that this new single is making my day.  His warm voice is placed over heavy electronic beats, alongside a female counterpart for the chorus.  Personally, I like the way his voice almost approaches a soft whisper; it’s one of the things that makes his music so interesting and enjoyable.  This is the first single that follows up his solo debut, Vanity is Forever (a must have). It’ll be released worldwide via Chapter Music.

Chapter Music Releases Two New Singles

chaptermusicLong ago, due to my adoration of Crayon Fields, we made friends with the guys at Chapter Music.  In the last few years they’ve released hits from Twerps, Dick Diver, and many more, so we’re pleased to share with you their two new singles from this week.  The first is from Darren Sylvester, a visual artist in Australia; his album Off By Heart is released on October 4th.  Then, there’s Bushwalking, a post-rock trio with an arty sound; they’ll release No Enter on September 6th.  Enjoy these two tunes, then go browse the Australian label’s catalog for more undiscovered hits.

New Song from Crayon Fields

Man, what a great day with two great announcements. The first announcement is that are friends over at Chapter Music in Australia are celebrating their 20th anniversary.  It’s a great feat for any label, let alone a small label offering across the sea; they’ve been making huge waves in the States with acts like Twerps and Dick Diver.  The second announcement comes with the release of 20 Big Ones, a compilation celebrating the anniversary.  I’m stoked because it features this new song from Crayon Fields, the first band on the label that I fell in love with back in the day.  I’m excited by a new track, and I hope to hear more from them soon, as a new record should be on our way shortly. Cheers to Guy and his mates on 20 Years of being rad.

Great Old Song from Montero

It’s been pouring in Austin since yesterday, so I’m really happy that this song fits in perfectly with the weather.  To continue with my adoration of all things Oceanic, I’d like to reintroduce you to Montero…the project of Ben Montero (also featuring Guy of Chapter Music and Geoff of Crayon Fields).  At first, you’d think I’m just plugging my friends, and yea, I am, but this songs too great not to put it back on people’s radars.  This song comes from a 7″ they put out last year on Mistletone, and VICE caught wind of the band and made up THIS little mini-documentary.  I guess there’s never a bad time to listen to a good song, so enjoy this one friends; I do this for you all.


Download:Montero – Rainman [MP3]

New Song from Laura Jean

We worked with the guys in Chapter Music to bring the excellent Crayon Fields to our SXSW show a few years ago, so I always like to keep track of what the label has going on.  They’re about to release A Fool Who’ll by songwriter Laura Jean on September 3rd, and I’m sure they’d be happy to send you a copy via the old fashioned mail.  Jean’s playing a somewhat muted guitar, quietly whispering “im missing you” to begin the track, but it’s her vocal performance that grabs you once the drums join in on the accompaniment. This is definitely a heartbreak song, and I’m definitely a huge sucker for such types. What are your thoughts?


Download: Laura Jean – Missing You [MP3]

New Music from Hit the Jackpot

What? You haven’t heard of Hit the Jackpot?  Well, we’ve got you covered.  The group hail from Australia, and they’re lined up with the excellent people over at Chapter Music, home to ATH favorites The Crayon Fields.  They’re about to release a cassette with CM, but it’s going to be super-limited, so us US folks might find it hard to get our hands on it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t head over the band’s site and give it a listen.  The Holiday Tape is seven tracks, and all I’ve listened to sound pretty spectacular, in my humble opinion.  The opener, “Holiday” sounds like something you would have expected Sonic Youth to do, or you expect them to do, when they allow Kim to take the microphone, and use her gruffly warm vocals to approximate a pop song.  These are the kind of things that win our hearts over at ATH, so give it a chance to make your day.


Download: Hit the Jackpot – Holiday [MP3]

ATH March Music Sampler

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce for your listening pleasure the  new Austin Town Hall March music sampler.  This bad boy features 6 tracks from bands playing our showcase on Thursday the 18th, as well as 10 other bands we’re looking forward to seeing during the SXSW week.  That’s 16 in all for you kids that don’t do the math too good… You’ll see familiar ATH favorites like Surfer Blood, Besnard Lakes, and Crayon Fields alongside some of the lesser known acts like The Loom, The Crookes, and Holiday Shores.  I’ll stop blabbing and just direct you all to the new sampler page.  We’re pretty proud of this one so tell all your friends!  Also, don’t forget to get those RSVPs in for our sweet party at The Ghost Room.

Announcing The ATH Day Party!

We are finally pleased to announce our very own day party during the SXSW music festival week.  We’re also happy to announce that our friends Knuckle Rumbler will be jumping on to help promote along with sponsors Bird’s Barbershop Dominican Joes Coffee, Taco Cabana, and college radio station KTSW.  Free coffee!  Free Tacos!  Beer specials coming soon.  Deets:

Date/Time: (3/18) – Doors @ 11am/music @ noon

Price: Free with RSVP @

Lineup: The Loom(Brooklyn, NY), Crayon Fields(Melbourne, AU), Let’s Wrestle(London, ENG), Lovely Feathers(Montreal, CA), Dappled Cities(Sydney, AU), Surf City(New Zealand).

It’s no doubt an international affair.  Feel free download our fancy poster below and share it with everyone you know.  Start gettin’ those RSVPs in now! Early arrival is strongly recommended as RSVPs do not guarantee entry.  More info. about our showcasing bands to come soon.  For now, try a search on the site to find yourself some MP3s and album reviews.

Click here to download the full-size show poster.

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