Oh, Yes Shares Broken Arm No. 2

The longer you run a blog or whatever it is we’re doing here, the more friends you make along the way, like Jimmy of Lost Film. He reached out recently letting us know he’s started his own label, Relief Map Records. One of the first releases from the label is by Oh, Yes, and the latest single really warrants your ears, and hopefully turns you on to the band/label! For me, it honestly takes me back to the first time I heard Fevers and Mirrors; it sounded personal, but like I could record it on my own…but, then it ventured off into its own world, just like this tune does before the 1 minute mark; it’s what makes this tune special, what makes it more than that song you wrote in your bedroom. Crooked Wine Smile will be out on February 26th, so take a gander!