Cruel Summer Release Part Time Punks Session

Big fan of Cruel Summer over here, and it’s always great to see bands to live recordings and reimagining of their own tunes, especially when it comes to Part Time Punks. The San Francisco outfit just dropped their PTP Session II, and it’s also got a very limited vinyl release you have to get your hands on. In honor of that, we’re sharing a video for Skyless, which first appeared on the band’s Ivy in 2017. I think the video matches the track perfectly, with this sort of dreamy popgaze running in black and white for the first minute twenty-five seconds, then the color jumps in and the track simultaneously runs off; this furious moment sounds like early Sonic Youth being crafted by indiepop nerds (and I mean that in the best way!). Check it below, and if you love it, hurry because only a handful of the 8″ records remain!

Swirling Pop from Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer have made a name for themselves in the San Francisco scene, and they look like a continually rising star with the announcement of their new LP, Ivy. What I love about their new single is the way the guitars rise into the air like a smoke, billowing through your speakers as the vocals quietly, and softly, crawl out on top. It walks that careful line between dreamy pop and the gazier elements that modern listeners find endearing…I certainly could do with more songs like this. Look for their debut LP via Mt.St.Mtn. on June 30th.

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