More Shimmering Pop from Crushed Stars

This might be one of my favorite tunes on the Crushed Stars album, Displaced Sleepers. There’s something enchanting about the delivery of the vocals from Todd Gautreau; it’s almost spoken word, with just enough energy to let the lyrics drift into your ears. The music, while soft, is quite powerful, wrapping itself around every note from Gautreau’s voice. In doing so, there’s that inevitable warm fuzz that takes over you. I guess you could say it’s thoughtful; it made me think and ponder, and it’s likely to do the same for you…if not, in the very least it’ll make you love the band’s sound. Look for the new LP via Simulacra on February 10th.

New Music from Crushed Stars

toddTwenty plus years and Todd Gautreau is still as enchanting as ever, and his new Crushed Stars release sounds like the perfect warmth, emotionally. Pacing here is rather slow, allowing various chords and notes to glimmer in the front of the mix, all the while Todd softly soothes you with his voice. It feels like it’s meant for a person to indulge in repeated listens while seeking solace in dark caverns of their mind; there’s something reflective and introverted, yet overwhelmingly beautiful. Displaced Sleepers, the new record, will be released on February 10th via Simulacra Records.


More New Music From Crushed Stars

CrushedStarsDallas based Crushed Stars is a group that I caught on to about this time last year with the release of last LP, The Bright Rain.  Back in November, it was announced that new LP, Farewell Young Lovers, was coming on January 21st of next year via Simulacra Records.  I was excited to hear the news on the upcoming album as I’ve enjoyed this more upbeat/catchy trend with the more recent tunes.  Check out this new track “Haters” below and enjoy the beats.  You can also hear new track, “Flowerbomb”, elsewhere on the site.

Catchy Tune From Crushed Stars

CrushedStarsAs we end our Monday together, have yourself a listen to this catchy new number called “Flowerbomb” coming your way from ATH approved band Crushed Stars.  I really dig the fresh poppy sound here that is a bit of a change in sound from the artist.  The more mellow style was always great, but I’m enjoying the change in direction to a more engaging style.

New album, Farewell Young Lovers, is due out January 21st.


Download: Crushed Stars – Flowerbomb [MP3]

More New Music From Crushed Stars

As previously reported, Crushed Stars has a new LP entitled The Bright Rain due out March 6th on Simulacra Records.  I’ve already received an advance copy of the album and have been thoroughly enjoying the superb songwriting and simple yet still mesmerizing vocals.  Prior to that release date next month, here’s another new song to tide you over “Window”.  I hope you see where I’m coming from.


Download: Crushed Stars – Window [MP3]

New Intimate Tune From Crushed Stars

Below you can find a new heartfelt tune from singer song writer Todd Gautreau’s project known as Crushed Stars.  The track is “Brighter Now” and appears on the groups upcoming new album The Bright Rain due out March 6th on Simulacra Records.  I was very unfamiliar with the band prior to today, but now I’ll be giving them my full attention.


Download: Crushed Stars – Brighter Now [MP3]