Switched On Hosts Holodeck on Saturday

Switched On is the heralded synthesizer shop over on East Cesar Chavez, and from time to time, they encourage gatherings of the musical/art realm…and I always encourage you to go. This Saturday, they’re hosting Austin’s own Holodeck Records…home to Boan, VVV, and that band Survive everyone keeps talking about. They’re bringing a bunch of their own artists like Dylan Cameron and Curved Light, but also inviting M. Geddes Genaras of LA out. But, as all great things truly are, this isn’t just about the music, as there will be visual artists there to stimulate some of your other fine senses. It’s a free event, and beverages will be provided by Austin Beer Works and High Brew Coffee!

More info on the event Facebook Page.


Check This New Curved Light Single

While the rock n’ roll scene is clearly alive and flourishing in Austin, lets not forget the incredible electronic scene that continues to inspire. The latest rising star is Curved Light, the project of synth composer Peter Tran. I love the gradual build to this song, especially as the tension pushes and pushes the listener right until the song’s last gasp. Don’t come here looking for that euphoric release, as this is clearly more about composition and structure, of the electronic sort. Look for a brand new batch of compositions on his Channelview mix coming out via Holodeck on this Friday.