Choir Boy Share Toxic Eye

I’m a little late to the Choir Boy game over here, but I’m happily jumping on board. They blend a touch of nostalgic 80s sound and wrap in it in the current approach to bedroom/dream pop; it really is the melting pot of everything I adore. The guitar notes are subtle jangles, stretched with effects to hit those meandering dream pop notes. Still, a sucker for melody can’t run away from the “ba da ba” melody emanating from the chorus. Pure timeless pop music at its finest if you ask me; Gathering Swans will be out via Dais Records on May 8th.

Private World Sign to Dais Records

I’m an avowed pop fan, of a certain sort, and Cardiff outfit Private World are definitely of that lot. The band guarantees an aura of sophistication in their presence, and while I can hear that approach in the single that comes with this announcement, I can also attribute my fondness to other aspects. There’s a faint hint of a nod to Edwyn Collins in a few spots of the vocals, built in with the angular cuts of the guitar to kind of bend the song’s natural warmth towards a more skewed slice of pop music. There’s a hook, but not too much to make it burdensome on repeated listens…which you will definitely want. The band are wrapping up their debut, dropping next year via Dais Records.

Get To Know Choir Boy

Inspiration is sourced from experience. For Adam Klopp, an early education in religion and some life-changing moves made for a foundation to launch his project called Choir Boy. Along with Chaz Costello, whom you may know from Human Leather, this dreamy and slightly dark synth pop out of Salt Lake City has a driving undelrine that runs things as Adam’s vocal range and strong yet elegant warble guides the listener through a coming of age story. I dig. Listen.

Order up the single over at Dais Records.

Dance Hit from High Functioning Flesh

humanThe last few months I’ve definitely found myself gravitating towards some electronic tunes. Sometimes they’re of the experimental sort, and other times they’re like this new track from High Functioning Flesh, getting me ready for bedroom dancing. The vocals here are definitely dark, almost sterile, but it’s perfectly matched by the rhythmic vibe being let go with the electronic work. It’s a feeling the band are just beginning to explore within their own musical confines, which will hopefully play out on the duo’s new Human Remains 7″; you’ll be able to grab it from Dais Records on February 26th.

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Catching Up With Cold Showers

Cold ShowersI first caught Cold Showers during SxSW at the first show at the freshly remodeled Belmont. Headlined by Jesus and Mary Chain, I was just about thrilled at the possibilities of the showcase when Cold Showers kicked things off. One Canadian speedbump, but indeed, it was an amazing evening.

I have no idea why I thought of that band or that night this weekend, but I was trolling for updates and found this track in a related pile of artist referrals on the cloud. The band has a new record due on the 28th via Dais Records called Matter of Choice. This is awesome. I would love to see a double bill with ATH favorite Weeknight.

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Dangerous Tune from Youth Code

youthAt first, I loved this song. Then I hated it. Then I figured, why the fuck not post it and let you decide? I love the anger that’s unleashed on the listener, reminiscent of early industrial acts, then melding it with post-hardcore acts of the late 90s.  It’s an interesting composition, frightening at moments, then thrilling at other instants. Youth Code have composed four new tracks, of which this is one, and then the flip-side of this new EP has remixes by the likes of Clipping. You can grab the A Place to Stand EP from the band on September 23rd from Dais Records.

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Dark Mood from YOU

uIt’s easy to get caught up in the pulsing rhythm of the synthesized beats that drive this new single from YOU.  But, if you listen closely, you’ll hear a bit of light flowing from the chords in the guitar.  It works pretty well, balancing out the darker attitude that comes from the hollow sounding vocals, even as another pulsing beat jumps into the mix.  This track is the lead single to Sunchaser, the band’s third LP, and first for Dais Records.  The album will be out in just a few short weeks on August 26th.

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Interesting Lo-Fi Jam from Italian Horn

Italian Horn is the musical moniker of NYC writer Anthony Pappalardo. Dais Records just announced they’ll be releasing his Red Affair 12″, which is limited to only 300 vinyl copies, so head HERE to pick it up. It’s interesting that Robert Pollard produced the cover art collage for this album, as you can see hints of old GBV in the track that we’re featuring today.  This one’s a little more gritty in terms of the overall production, but you can sense that feeling of just writing a track solely on the evolution of a single melody.  I’ve been digging this today, so I figured I’d share.


Download: Italian Horn – Red Affair [MP3]