Bouncing Pop Rocker from CLIFFFS

It feels early in the week to really need a burst of energy, but so be it, I need a good pop rock tune! Luckily, there’s this new tune from Dallas’ outfit, CLIFFFS, which features John Dufilho of Deathray Davies. It’s exactly what you’d expect from one of Dufilho’s project, though this one definitely feels like it’s got some arena rock lineage. The riffs are huge and the chorus can be screamed at full blast; the song itself, even has a harsh little backing vocal to keep the rock n’ roll edge alive here. The group will release their sophomore LP Panic Attack via State Fair Records next month.

Show Review: Toadies @ South Side Ballroom (10/11)

I recently made a playlist that was attempting to fit my top 100ish songs into a single list. Early on, it was apparent that I needed a rule that only one song per artist could be included to maximize the artists and genres in the playlist and truly be a list that represents my listening habits. That was usually easy as for so many artists/bands, I have a clear favorite song. For others it was a difficult process. One of those bands was Toadies. How do you pick from “Possum Kingdom”, “Away”, “Tyler”, “Backslider”, “Happy Face”, “I Come From the Water”, and “I Burn?” Also, how were all those songs on one album (Rubberneck)? I also realized during this process that I had never seen Toadies live. So I confess a shiver when Spotify sent me a helpful email a couple months ago that Toadies would be at Dallas’ South Side Ballroom on October 11. Hit the jump for more.

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Playful Indie Pop From Kyoto Lo-Fi

Kyoto Lo-Fi is a Dallas based indie pop/rock band I first posted about a couple years ago, having heard very little from the band since that posting. Well now the group has returned to the music world with this new single called “Flowering Boulders”. Similar to their last output, the guys again have a very indie pop inspired sound featuring some garage rock tendencies and a fun, easy to get into vibe. It makes me think that this group will be on everyone’s radar soon enough.

Motorcade Share Oblivion

Friday’s are for repping Texas, so we turn at this moment towards Motorcade, a Dallas act filled with musicians who’ve been working in the scene longer than we have. It opens up with this darkened post-punk punch, but it quickly unfolds to reach the more pop oriented vibes of new wave; it features a bold chorus that really reaches for the skies, stretching the vocals with an emphatic keyboard wash behind it. At about the 2.5 minute mark, there’s a nice little aside that flirts with elements of dream pop too, so you get a bit of everything in this number…not to mention it’s rather catchy. Give a listen.

Check Out Dallas Friends Kyoto Lo-Fi

Sometimes we can all use a little bit of feel good indie pop music with dashes of garage rock right? If that sounds like your sort of bag, this new single “Godot” from Dallas based Kyoto Lo-Fi should be right up your alley. Imagine if you will a band mixing some vocal and guitar elements of The Strokes with pop tendencies like Devo. Fans of the sound can check out more music from our Texas friends over on their bandcamp page.

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Really Digging This New Fumes

New Fumes is the work Daniel Huffman of Dallas, and honestly, I was sold on the track by the descriptor calling this “weirdo rock.” It should come as no surprise that Daniel’s worked with acts like Tobacco or the Flaming Lips; you can hear the pulsating rhythms of the former and the vocals of the latter throughout this track. It begs for digestion, careful consumption by the listener; I like that it just doesn’t seem safe, almost blissfully abnormal. One thing’s for sure, when Teeming 2, is released by Rad Cult on November 24th, I’ll have my ears ready.

Dagars Play Space Pop

dagarsI’m really excited about the return of Grandaddy, but I’ve always been looking for like-minded groups to really give it a go at taking the reigns, much like Dallas’ Dagars do. True, they’re a little bit more spaced and atmospheric, but the vibe is definitely similar. They’ve also noted Boards of Canada as an influence, and you can hear some of the bits of sampling in this track too. It’s cool to hear acts replicating a genre that really fascinated me and let me drift away in the world.

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Track Premiere: Rangers Ready Texas Rock Bottom

texasrockbottomJoe Knight, the man behind Rangers, has returned to Texas after years spent in San Francisco, and while the title of his newest album, Texas Rock Bottom, might seem like a bleak outlook upon his return, the music should hopefully carry him through. The album’s debut single, below, borders on being a nice piece of power-pop, but there’s some great literary storytelling in it, seemingly expressing Knight’s trepidation upon his Texas return. Those of us who’ve moved about quite a bit, or even temporarily, can surely identify with the anxieties that can bring, allowing listeners to further engage with this song. This song, and record, are looking for a home…hopefully it finds it within you.

New Single from Bronco Simmons

broncosimmonsWhile Austin gets a lot of Texas’ musical accolades, there’s always been a seen up North on I-35, be it Denton, Ft. Worth, or in this case, Dallas, which is the home of Bronco Simmons. I really dig this single off their Younger Days EP; it has the feeling of hook-laden indie rock, though I think the gruff quality of the vocals really gives off enough attitude to make it all interesting…worthy of repeated listens. Look for the release this coming May, and keep an eye on the young act from D-town.

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More New Music From Crushed Stars

CrushedStarsDallas based Crushed Stars is a group that I caught on to about this time last year with the release of last LP, The Bright Rain.  Back in November, it was announced that new LP, Farewell Young Lovers, was coming on January 21st of next year via Simulacra Records.  I was excited to hear the news on the upcoming album as I’ve enjoyed this more upbeat/catchy trend with the more recent tunes.  Check out this new track “Haters” below and enjoy the beats.  You can also hear new track, “Flowerbomb”, elsewhere on the site.

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