Show Pics: Dan Deacon @ The Mohawk (4/23)

Dan DeaconI think Austin may have skipped Spring.

I had never been a Dan Deacon fan, but recent tracks wooed me out last Thursday to The Mohawk to finally check out what many friends claimed to be an “event”, even chastising me for not having been. Indeed, I had a good time and, indeed, I enjoyed the live set musically along with the spectacle. Dan was joined on the lineup by Ben O’Brien and Prince Rama.

I have plenty of pics and a few thoughts after the break. Join me, won’t you?

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I’m Going To Dan Deacon @ The Mohawk (Tonight)

Image by Frank HamiltonIt is Thursday. Didn’t much feel like seeing Matt & Kim again, but kinda wanted to get out to a show and I took a look around. I have been on the fence about Dan Deacon for a while, but the latest effort puts more emphasis and fun instead of challenge. OK, you have me interested. Add a little Prince Rama action #trustfall. Add some bonus wordbeats courtesy Ben O’Brien. Add it is at The Mohawk. Add that it is almost the weekend. $16 at the door, allegedly. It is like they are paying you to have fun. What a bargain…

Let’s party.

New Tunes from Air Waves

Air Waves is the project of Nicole Schneit, and she’s gotten a lot of attention since Dan Deacon dropped her name.  But, don’t let that guide your interest, as Air Waves sounds nothing like Dan Deacon; Nicole has more of a punk-folk troubadour aspect to her. This tune definitely gives you the feeling that Schneit is not one to sit idly by why the boys do their thing.  You can check out the rest of her music by picking up the Air Waves EP, which is in stores right about now.


Download: Air Waves -Sweetness [MP3]

FT50: Songs of 2009

bestof2009cover_songsWe have to start this list off with a disclaimer.  We have three writers, all with different tastes, so the list should reflect that a little bit.  Also, these are our opinions, and by no means, are they meant to be seen as an “end all be all” to the question of what were the best songs of 2009.  That being said, we like our list quite a bit.  Sure, it’s got some expected numbers at the top, but the rest of the list is genius.  We’ve got some of the songs streaming for you, and the rest take you straight to youtube.  Follow the jump for full list.

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Fun x 3 Fest News

Through that friendly Internet, we have learned that the dates have been set for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008. This year the festival will fall on the weekend of November 8 & 9. So far, the only names that have been left out are those beginning with the letter D: Deerhoof, Dan Deacon and Dead Milkmen. I don’t know about you, but a re-united Dead Milkmen sounds pretty good to me. For those of you that missed out last year, be sure to make it out to this festival, for its probably the best one in town–just one man’s opinion. 

You can check out news and updates on the fun fun fun fest here, or you can just keep coming back to us; we’ll keep you up to date.