Stuck Again on Dan Francia

Feels like cheating offering up two Dan Francia tracks in one week, but I’m super stuck on Dan’s vibe. It’s part collage, at least in the actual recording, with Dan culling his friends to record with him. But, for me, the draw is the huge emotional pull that flows through the speakers. He teases the listener here for the first minute and half, offering up vocals and lightly strummed guitar…it builds with percussion and electronics…then it bursts exuberantly through your speakers, stretching your lips into a huge smile. Sometimes you want the music you love to make you feel good, and this song definitely strikes that note on my end. Come Back to Life is out on January 25th via Exploding in Sound.

Hook-laden Hit from Dan Francia

Dan Francia seems willing to let all his friends (features members of OVLOV, Gobbin Jr and Titus Andronicus) play on his forthcoming debut, Coming Back to Life, and we’re all the better for it. A wonky note opens the track before keyboards walk in with the song’s natural hook. But, that’s about as normal as the song gets, structurally. Guitars and bass and vocals pop up intermittently, trading places with one another as Francia corrals his friends into this recording. It layers everything in a unique fashion, leaving the listener with an insatiable desire to revisit each and every note that caught their fancy. The new effort will be released by Exploding in Sound on January 25th.