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After a few stellar songs coming my way, I am fully on board with the hype train behind Asheville based group Secret Shame. For me it’s been a welcome change from a lot of the garage rock style I post to more of a dark pop, gothic style. The band’s latest, entitled “Gift” can be found streaming below. It features the same dark, almost new wave sound with some dashes of the macabre.

Secret Shame will release new album Dark Synthetics on September 6th. Pre-order is live now.

SXSW Interviews: JAGUWAR

I’ve obviously been talking a lot about SXSW recently as I think I’m finally ready to prepare for the crazy events in a short couple of weeks. Part of me prep work is making a list of bands I absolutely have to see, and one of those is German based group JAGUWAR. Their sound blends styles of 80s new wave bands with a more modern, European pop take. Think a little dark pop, a little bit of brooding, and mix in some brightness underneath the surface. I dig it. If it sounds like something you might be into, hit the jump for an interview with the band.

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Darkened Pop Tune from Shana Falana

shanaFor the last few years, I’ve fawned over Wax Idols, and now we’ve got another kindred spirit spinning dark-tinged pop music, Shana Falana. It’s this heavy brooding, as if it’s been recorded in some hollow garage, with the volume ruffling the cones on your speaker just enough. Still, you’ll be sucked into this track, drenched in pop sensibilitythat only comes from the most innermost caverns of your soul. The new album from the project is titled Here Comes the Wave, and it’s being handled by Team Love Records for an October 21st release.

Brooding Pop From Stillwave

StillwavePrior to right this minute I knew not one thing about Netherlands based pop group Stillwave, but I’m looking to change that starting now. Our introduction to the band is this awesome and unique new single “What Have You”. What we have here is a brooding sort of pop song full of darkness and some extremely heavy vocals unlike any other you’ve likely heard before. I think you’d be hard pressed to find this interesting and delightful take on pop music anywhere else. Stay tuned as a new EP is apparently coming soon.

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ATX Spotlight: Grivo

11000827_1662911327269974_5012879236338174425_nHave we mentioned before that Austin is chock full of incredibly promising bands on the rise?  No?  Well it is.  Yet again here is a band from the ATX called Grivo who I’ve seen on some bills around town, but never actually taken the time to listen to.  I’m pleased with myself for giving the band a few spins today as I’m rather enjoying what I’ve discovered.  The band is describes their sound as primarily shoe gaze, though to me it’s as if they are in a genre all their own.  Think shoe gaze blended with dark and melodic pop sounds.  You’ll just have to hit play to see what I mean.

Check out more tunes from Grivo on their bandcamp page.

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More From Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea-WolfeThough I haven’t seen near as much coverage for Chelsea Wolfe as I remember in the past, count this guy as one who is labeling the soon to be released Abyss as one of this year’s gems.  Since I can’t legally share the entire album with you, the best I can do is post another one of the stellar tracks from the album “Grey Days”.  Once again we are treated to some heavy, darker pop music sure to get you excited for the new release (if you weren’t already).

Abyss is out August 7th on Sargent House.

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Dark New Track From Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea+WolfeI’ve always had an affinity for Chelsea Wolfe and the dark, brooding sort of pop music that she has created over the last several years.  The new song I’m sharing with you today, “Iron Man”, might just be one of my favorite pieces she’s ever put out.  It’s a song that’s all about the peaks and valleys, the noisy highs of guitar driven rock after you’re calmed with the lows and hushed vocals.  Truly powerful stuff and I suggest you have a listen.

Pick up new album Abyss on August 7th via Sargent House.

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9823_10151924493438869_364563501_nToronto based band INVASIONS is a group that I’ve posted about on multiple occasions here on this website.  Today I’m pleased to share with you news that the band have just recently released their new EP No Darkness on bandcamp.  You can get your hands on that for the low low price of only $3 or you can stream the whole thing below.  I think most will find that the psych themed pop music being created here is a real thing of beauty.  Each song can be dark at times, but then seem to transition seamlessly into some brighter, breezier moments that make this EP worthy of repeat listens.

More New Music From Clouder


Brooklyn boys Clouder have been bringing some great music that I’ve taken a liking to over the last month or so.  The sound could be described as psychedelic, dark pop complete with Morrison like vocals to complete the picture.  It’s an intriguing sound that you don’t hear in the popular indie scene much nowadays and it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.  Check out more music from the band elsewhere on the site.

Get your hands on new album Sister Raygun March 4th via Fleeting Youth Records.


Download: Clouder – Phatom Girl [MP3]


More New Music From Colourmusic

Upload_Colour_2011_09_29-23_21_18Our friends Colourmusic have a new album dropping soon that we know you’re going to love, and the singles previewing the LP should confirm our anticipation.  You’ve already heard new track “Horse Race” a couple of weeks ago and now we have this driving tune “Dreamgirl 82” for your awaiting ears.  I’ve personally had my hands on this one for awhile and it’s already up to something like 50+ plays in my iTunes.  I suggest you give the song a listen, making sure you hang out for one of the most epic beat drops in the history of music around the 2:18 mark.  Don’t skip ahead to it you assholes!  Listen to this one from start to finish and revel in all it’s psyched out, dark pop glory.

New album, May You Merry Rich, comes your way April 8th on Memphis Industries.

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