Fun Fest Interviews: Daughn Gibson

It’s Fun Fest time right about now if you weren’t aware, and ATH is kicking things into full force to get you pumped for the festival.   As usual, part of our pre-coverage will be a few interviews of artists that we’re excited to see over the weekend.  Today we’re bringing you our very first one with a feature on up and coming artist Daughn Gibson.  He just put out his surprisingly awesome new album All Hell earlier this year, and we’re really looking forward to seeing him play again.  Follow the jump for questions and answers from Daughn.

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New Tune From Daughn Gibson

I know many of you have already heard this track over the last couple of days on other sites, so I’ll go ahead and apologize for being a little late to the game.  That aside, something about this electronica/country/deep vocals movement going on by Daughn Gibson is extremely interesting to me at the moment.  It just seems more creative than your everyday electronica band and the unique vocals really add a nice touch to each track.  This new song below “Reach Into The Fire” is a single of sorts hoping to drum up some positive press for Daughn’s recent signing to Sup Pop Records.  A brand new album, to follow up his underrated solo debut All Hell from earlier this year, is said to be available sometime next year on his new label.

New Single From Daughn Gibson

We caught a shortened set by Daughn Gibson during Chaos in Tejas and I remember thinking to myself that I’d probably really like the guy if I listened to his music at home.  Nothing against the man’s live set, the whole computer based live show just really isn’t my thing.  Not to mention he was terribly booked between one rowdy punk band and a hazy pop group.  So I’m gonna show this guy some love by posting his new single “Lite Me Up” which, as I expected, is something I find a lot to like about coming through my stereo.  Obviously the voice of Gibson is what you will immediately take note of and rightfully so.  From here I plan on getting my hands on debut LP All Hell and seeing how I feel about it.  I’ll be in touch.

This tune is just a single and only available now as a stream unless you care to buy a physical copy of the 7″ it appears on via Dull Knife Recordings.

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