More New Music from Will Johnson

Looks like I’m just going to listen to Undertow Records for the entirety of the year 2017. They’ve got the new David Bazaan, The New Year and this great new LP from Will Johnson. On his latest single, I can’t help but be nostalgic about being a Texan; it’s a pride that runs deep…and whether Will means it or not, he’s captured that. I can hear myself playing with friends in the yard as music plays in the distance, or studying for school while my dad’s record collection plays through the walls in the other room; there’s bending strings, extra orchestration and of course, Johnson’s croon.Something about this song just feels like home. Hatteras Night, a Good Luck Charm comes out via the label on March 24th.

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Have You Heard of Forgotten Species?

teamworkYou hadn’t heard of Forgotten Species yet? Well, me either, but I dig this tune.  I really love the vocals on this single; they remind me in an odd way of David Bazaan, if he took on something a bit different.  The rest of the group brings in this swell of huge guitars that screech in and out of the foreground. There’s just this huge world of guitars that wraps the vocals and carries them throughout the tune; I guess it has a nostalgic feel, but I’m trying to move beyond that adjective.  Look for the project to release Hades Fades on November 18th.

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