David Nance Shares My Love, the Dark and I

On his fifth proper album, songwriter David Nance went back and reworked the songs from Staunch Honey a handful of times to get the sound just perfect. From what we’ve read, he’s sort of peeled back the expansive sound we found on his last outing, Peaced and Slightly Puverized. But, if you thought dialing things back meant he couldn’t still deliver a powerful statement, you need to listen to his latest single. Fuzz rattles the speakers, riffs echo in the distance and his voice sounds like he’s got one last incredible performance to give; it’s as passionate as we’ve heard him. Beneath it all are the careful nuanced guitar chords, snaking beneath the suffocating heaviness blasting out the front of the mix. Friday’s are for jams, and this definitely fits into that category. Look for Staunch Honey on November 13th via Trouble in Mind Records.


Last Week’s Misses: David Nance and the Green Child

Last week there were tons of tunes that caught my ear, but admittedly, I couldn’t get to it all in one sitting. Still, there were a couple of gems I really loved I wanted to highlight right quick: The Green Child’s “Low Desk” and David Nance’s “When the Covers Come Off.”

The Green Child tune is the first single from the forthcoming Shimmering Basset LP for Upset the Rhythm. Mikey Young (Total Control, ECSR) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow) have both been featured on several occasions on this site, not to mention the countless acts Mikey’s helped along the way. Chilled out pop stylings with a nice little futuristic electronic twist. No one doesn’t love this song.

David Nance seems to be reverting back to a more roots-oriented vibe for his forthcoming Staunch Honey LP for Trouble in Mind (11/13). It’s got this sort of rough-edged folk mentality, something that’d likely go real good with a nice glass of whiskey and a nice fire on a starry night.