Fun New Track From David Thomas Jones

Wow, it has been close to 6 years since we heard any new music from our neighbor in Austin David Thomas Jones. In November of 2012 he released a stellar little collection of tunes called the Comfort Creatures EP which proved to be a promising debut from a young, local songwriter. Fast forward to present day, and David is working a new album with this new single “In Springtime” serving as the work’s first preview. This one is a lovely piece of playful indie pop music worthy of being mentioned with just about anything else in the genre. Welcome back to the scene DTJ.

David Thomas Jones will self-release a new album called Occult Years on September 7th.

Meet David Thomas Jones

Man, this is exactly what I needed to hear today.  David Thomas Jones, a current Austin resident has just released his Comfort Creatures EP, and if I’m going to judge the whole EP by this song, I’m going to blast this for some time to come.  You can tell that David’s got an ear for catchy hooks, but he provides a rhythmic groove to his multi-instrumental construction that really seems to destined for dance parties.  It’s a refreshing sound, as you can hear the emphasis on the layering of instruments rather than just repetitive loops of electronic beats.  Welcome to the fold DTJ.

[audio: Thomas Jones – Our Lives [MP3]