One Last Kevin Morby Track

Kevin MorbyThis is it folks…this is your last chance to listen to some music from Kevin Morby before the release of his new effort on Friday. The song revolves primarily around the strength of Morby’s vocal performance and beautifully rich piano. You’ll get an added bonus when the strings swoop in mid-track, slightly altering the tone in Kevin’s voice. And that’s not all, as a great horn scoots into the picture accompanied by a female vocal counterpart as we fade to a close. There have been some really good albums this year, but it’s beginning to sound a lot like Singing Saw will be a special one. Look for it Friday via Dead Oceans!

Ethereal Bliss From Julianna Barwick

unnamed-40With all the hustle and bustle of every day life, I think it’s safe to say that everyone needs a good dose of calming music that lets you take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes. Today, that dose comes from Julianna Barwick and this new single, “Same.” This track is bathed in warm synths that flood the mix from the beginning until Barwick’s vocals join in, adding another layer of rich warmth that makes for five minutes of experimental dream folk. You should definitely take a listen and then get excited for Barwick’s upcoming album,Will, which is out May 6th via Dead Oceans.

Yes! More Kevin Morby!

unnamed-32If you haven’t taken the time to familiarize yourself with Kevin Morby yet, it’s really time for you to sit on down and take a listen, as his entrancing brand of rock will have you swooning. The latest track/video he has released is “Dorothy,” which you can take in below, and it’s a blazing dose of americana influenced rock and roll. What I’m most fond of on this number is the way the unique vocals of Morby are both mirrored and complimented by the instrumentation. You get the fuzzy guitars that blend with his voice, and then that ragtime piano that comes and goes through the mix, juxtaposing with the buzzing main focus of the song. Take a listen and watch the video below, and buckle up forSinging Saw, which is out on April 15th viaDead Oceans.


Check Out This Track From Mitski

unnamed-30I don’t know about you, but I live for the tracks that surprise me. You know, the ones where you think you’ve fully grasped where it’s going and then it spins you in a different, delightfully unexpected direction. This is the case for the newest single from Mitski, called “Your Best American Girl.” What begins as a slow and quiet track explodes sonically into a fuzzy garage-inspired crescendo, bringing a bit of drama. The vocals on this track are impossibly smooth and sweet, at first dominating the quiet mix and then contrasting the intense musical swells. It’s a masterfully crafted tune, that you’ll be playing again and again. Make sure to look out for Mitski’s upcoming album,Puberty 2, which will be out June 17th on Dead Oceans.


Bleached Strike Again!

12471348_959204584127145_6166781260372655284_oBleached are really on a roll– the video and track they released a little while back for “Keep On Keepin’ On” caught our attention and has brought us back for repeated listening. Now, they’ve got another single/delightful music video for “Wednesday Night Melody,” which is a Weekend at Bernie’s-classic short story featuring the members of the band. The music video is enough of a treat for you, but then you add in the great track and the band’s hit a sweet spot. The song has got a great laid back beat to it while still packing a punch of that rock and roll in the huge sound of the guitars. Take a listen and watch below and lookout for Welcome The Worms, out via Dead Oceans on April 1st.


New Single/Video From Kevin Morby

unnamed-23We’ve been tracking Kevin Morby and his work with Woods and The Babies for a long while now, and at this point that anything this man has a part in will be some sort of magical. Today, he’s shared a new video and debuted the single, “I Have Been To The Mountain,” which is classic Kevin Morby with a bit of a pop twist to it. It’s got this stewing haze to it, made possible by Morby’s vocals and the grumble of the electric guitar which cuts in and out. Meanwhile, the beat is kind of groovy, simmering underneath it all. It’s a damn great song, and the video is interesting to say the least. Make sure you check it out below and get ready for Morby’s upcoming album,Singing Saw, which is out April 15th onDead Oceans.



Dark Rock From Bleached

unnamed-15Are you ready for a mix of dark badass rock mixed with a radio ready chorus? Bleached consists ofJennifer and Jessica Clavin, Micayla Grace and Bosh Rothmans, who have gained a bit of a following with their gritty rock tunes. They’ve been working on their second full length album, and have graced us with a music video for single, “Keep On Keepin’ On,” which you should watch below. This is the kind of song you put on when you’re amping up for the day; the guitars roar along with the vocals in tandem and those handclaps in the chorus will have you joining in and turning up the volume.

Their new album, Welcome The Worms, will be out April 1st via Dead Oceans.

Have You Met Marlon Williams Yet?

unnamed-6Sometimes bands hit it big overseas and don’t quite break into the North American bubble; that’s what appears to have happened with New Zealand’sMarlon Williams. But don’t you worry, he’s about to rock our world over here with the re-release of his debut album over on Dead Oceanson February 19th. Until then, you can watch the music video below for “Dark Child,” which is quite odd, but nevertheless interesting and features the folksy blend of sounds that Williams brings to his music. His vocals are reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, while the instrumentation strikes a bit more along the lines of alt-country.

Fresh Kevin Morby Track

Kevin MorbySince going it on his own, Kevin Morby has been pretty busy (though I wish he’d make time for another Babies album). He is working on a new record for Dead Oceans in 2016, but the label has teased us with a bit of new music by way of this new single, slated for a 7″ in September (9/4).  It’s interesting, as he sounds older and wiser here, both in the way his vocals sound on the recording, and the lyrical content.  Honestly, I think you could see this coming from his earliest work with Woods, but I didn’t expect it to sound this polished this soon in his solo endeavors.  Need a great classic rock by way of neo-folk jam? This is the one.

Lush Electronic Track From Night Beds

11401560_919869138052336_291989132081755817_nAs we await the release of Night Beds‘ newest album, Ivywild, which is due out in a few short weeks, we’ve been graced with a great track from that album that has plucked my interest for this band once again. “Corner,” is a pleasant little balance of cool electronic elements and warm vocal performance from Winston Yellin. Whereas the prior tracks I’ve heard from this group were big and seemingly impersonal, though still right jams, this one is an electronic groove that retains the personal aspect to it. The subtle touches in production help fully flesh it out, and I’m excited to see what the rest of Ivywild has in store for us. Grab it from Dead Oceans on August 7th or preorder it here. 

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