Dehd Drop Flood Video

Dehd are just so hot right now! Those of you that were super into the band’s debut Water will still enjoy the simplistic approach to their craft. But, as we continue to hear more from Flower of Devotion, that sound has branched out, broadened at the mouth of their musical river. There’s this surfy dreaminess to the guitars this round, though there still feels like there’s plenty of space for the song to move about, allowing Emily to come in with one an incredibly strong performance of her own. She toys with the listener just a bit, quivering with some notes, almost distorting the delivery of the song’s title “flood,” but I couldn’t help other than to feel drawn in, enamored with the tones of her voice as guitars buzzed and nipped at my ears. Flower of Devotion is out on July 17th via Fire Talk.

Sunny Pop From Spritzer

12208707_733639616766388_7748388952532083239_nYou may be surprised to see that a song called “Dead” is being labeled as sunny pop, but this new number from Matthew Meade’s Spritzer is sunshine and summer bottled into two and a half minutes of track. You press play on this numberand in a matter of moments you’re greeted with twee organ sounds and surfy guitar riffs. It’s a delightful little ditty that is sure to brighten your day and have you jamming along in the summer heat. Take a listen and check out the rest of tracks from Spritzer right here.


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“Dead” Video From Darts

dartsWe don’t normally post a lot of music videos, but when I came across this one by Darts, I simply couldn’t resist, as the song is awesome and the music video creepy, yet entertaining. The song, “Dead,” is an angst filled roller coaster ride, and the male vocals definitely bring you thoughts of Modest Mouse, but what’s different about this song as well as the band are the presence of the contrasting female vocals which add a whole different aspect to the sound. Watch the disturbingly awesome video below and jam along with Darts.


Primitive Calculators Announce First Ever Studio Album

artworks-000058441990-g0deq8-t500x500Some bands are destined to disappear into the annals of history, while others will find that their style has influenced many other, or at least left a long-lasting impact.  Such is the situation for Primitive Calculators, the Aussie act that disappeared in 1980 until Nick Cave asked them to play his own curated ATP.  Luckily for those in search of industrial synth, the band have opted to release their fist studio album with our friends Chapter Music.  If you’re looking for an album title that represent the sentiment behind the music, then look no further than The World is Fucked.  It will see a release on November 1st, offering up discordant synth noise for you to absorb.

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Striking Tune from Lonesome Leash

lonseomMy first spin through with the newest single from Lonesome Leash took me up and down, which is perhaps as Walt would want it to go.  His project has just released the One Foot in Front of the Other EP, and this song has to be one of the standouts.  It begins with a circus-like bit of accordion, moving into a troubadour stomp; it reminds me of a more sonically expansive Will Johnson effort, using a throaty vocal to pull in the listener.  Lucky for those of us in Austin, he’ll be popping up on Sunday, September 29th at the Owl.  If you’re not here, that’s okay, he’s still an artist that should be on your radar.


Download: Lonesome Leash – Dead [MP3]