Fuzzy Fun Rocker from Death by Unga Bunga

The name Death by Unga Bunga never gets old, and neither do their tunes. They’ve been walking the fine line between power-pop and punk, crossing the road back and forth with every release. Their new single comes with more of an arena-friendly pop rock vibe, employing sharp stuttering guitars with little slices of solos bursting through the mix. You’ll find the fuzzy hook-laden chorus something worthy of blasting loud so all your neighbors can here. Plus, even better news is that the group have a new LP on the way titled So Far So Good So Cool, which is slated for release on April 6th via Jansen Records.

More Power Pop Goodness from Death By Unga Bunga

deathThose of you looking for SXSW artists to watch, as well as just great albums to look out for, should have Death by Unga Bunga on your radar. Their latest single is a power-pop stomper, akin to the best arena rock we’re all afraid to admit to our friends that we love. Still, what makes the band sound so rad is that they still kick out a little bit of attitude to go along with their huge hooks. Their new effort Pineapple Pizza (which sounds gross!) will be out next Friday, March 4th.

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More From Death By Unga Bunga

10421190_10152244032739607_7207164850591993273_nIt wasn’t too long ago that I shared with you a track from Norwegian garage rockers, Death By Unga Bunga, but they’ve just debutedanother killer number off their upcoming record. This number, “Lady Fondue,” will delight those who like their garage rock rambunctious and energy-charged, complimented withquirky lyrics that may bring a sly smile to your face whenever you’re not singing along. And just like any good fuzzy rock song, it’s complete with a sweet shredding guitar solo to round things out. Seriously, if you haven’t given this band a shot, your time is now. Be sure to catch their North American debut,Pineapple Pizza, which is out March 4th viaJansen Plateproduksjon.

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Death By Unga Bunga Will Rock Your Thursday

unnamed-13Oh, you don’t know too much about Norwegian Garage Rock? Well, sit on down and then get ready to stand right back up because Death By Unga Bunga have got a ripping track for you with “Young Girls.” This song is a three minute whirlwind of glam rock guitar riffs, carefree vocals, crashing cymbals and general garage rock good times. To me, they’ve got a bit of the same sort of attitude that bands like Twin Peaks bring to the table; that self-assured, modern-day garage punk aesthetic that doesn’t apologize for rocking your face off.

Their first North American release and full length, Pineapple Pizza, will be out March 4th viaJansen Plateproduksjon.

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Have You Heard of Death by Unga Bunga

deathbyungabungaIn the world of band names, I’ll have to say that Death by Unga Bunga falls on the stranger side of things (though clearly not the strangest).  Still, their music isn’t too far out there, instead nestling itself alongside today’s purveyors of power pop. It’s got a hint of garage influence and brattiness, though there’s still this undeniable lineage to early 90s alternative pop music. Think of listening to Superdrag record hits in your neighbor’s garage; it sounds like a recipe for success if you ask me. The band’s debut Tell Me Why EP will be released on October 2nd, so keep an eye and ear out for the Unga Bunga.

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