La Bonte Shares Don’t Let This Define Me

I guess today I’m really into these slow burning tracks, the sort that kind of drip with endless emotion, like this new track from La Bonte, the songwriting project of Garrett La Bonte. When it opens, it definitely feels like something hanging in the territory between late 90s Jade Tree and Bedhead, both things that I’m perfectly fond of on my end. In the middle the song gives you a bit of respite, letting you breath for a moment before taking on a more pronounced jam mode; it recalls that sweet spot where slowcore burning tunes erupted into these delicious rock opuses that erupted and crested in your ears. Don’t Let This Define Me, the debut LP from La Bonte will be out Friday via Anxiety Blanket Records.

Stream the Debut LP from Deuce

Over the last few months, surely you’ve noticed us hyping up Deuce; it’s the project of our old friend Curtis Wakeling (Pop Filter/Ocean Party) and Kayleigh Heydon. Deuceis an album filled to the brim with these incredible duets, where vocal duties are shared and guitar lines seem to go for a walkabout as they turn and burn in the mix. Honestly, the surprise here, or introduction perhaps, is Kayleigh’s performance throughout; she’s got such a remarkable voice that I wouldn’t be surprised to see a solo effort bubble up on her end in the near future. Still, it’s the way the two play off each other that’s delighted me, which you can hear immediately in the album’s slow-burning opener “Heat Wave.” This album takes time, and actually deserves time, as you’re not going to find a track to skip over. If you do, let me know, and we can talk about it. Stream it all below!

Semihelix Share Recoil Video

I’m hoping that Austin puts Semihelix on the map this year, as the band’s work is one of the more enjoyable sounds I’ve heard coming from the city this year. I love the way the jangling guitars erupt into a sort of hazy shuffle, kind of like watching clouds move in fast motion as they roll over some desert horizon. You’ll also be into some of the shoegaze-ish elements, the distorted guitars that build walls in the background, and then its all thrown in with Geannie Friedman’s solid vocal work, and we’ve got this billowing dream pop heavy hitter you’re going to want in rotation. They’ll be dropping their debut later this summer via Mariel Recording Company.

NOV3L Share Notice of Foreclosure Video

After falling in love with their EP, I’m really excited to hear what NOV3L can do with an entire album’s worth of tunes. Today, the band drop another single, which hits all the right spots for me, particularly on this rainy day. Guitars are sharp and seem to sort of be cutting up the mix before your eyes; the vocals have this monotonous indifference that seems to sedate you as you listen through. Close ears will hear some horn work and a little bit of added flare playing up in the background, giving that extra bit of detail to the band’s sound. Their debut LP Non-Fiction will be out on May 28th via Meat Machine/Flemish Eye.

Proper Nouns Announce Feel Free

I’ll admit, I’ve grown a bit weary with your everyday indie rock brand, so hearing this new track from Proper Nouns really kicked the door down and let the rock back into my life. Spencer Compton might not feel it yet, but he’s got an uncanny resemblance to my man-crush Ted Leo, both in his distinctive vocal hiccup and the way he brandishes his guitar; its mapping out that boundary between punk and pop. His voice has this natural swing to it that just sets up the song; it has this natural rising action, topped off with this cool swaggering climax that’s perfect if you turn it up real real loud. I didn’t know how much I needed this until it was right in front of me. Feel Free is being released on April 23rd via Phone Booth Records.

Another Ski Saigon Tune

A bit back I was hoping to point your attention towards Ski Saigon‘s debut LP, coming out in a wee bit via Too Good to Be True Records. Today, we get another glimpse at the London outfits sound, this time with a keyboard drenched pop approach. Guitars and vocals are buried beneath that electronic wash, almost drowning in the darkened sensation. Still, as much as the song can sound dense and cavernous, the vocals come out like whispers rising above a crowded city center, the words staying as faint signs of future promise. That future promise is surely the group’s debut, Ski Saigon Sees the Albatraoss, dropping on March 4th.

Phantom Handshakes Share No Better Plan

Having released their Be Estranged EP last year, Phantom Handshakes are ready to drop their debut full-length in 2021, and we’ve got one of the new singles to share with you. Spending a lot of time listening to indiepop, you can’t help but immediately be drawn to that synthesized beat working over darkened guitar lines that curl and bop their way through your ear holes. Federica Tassano has this endearing voice too, hanging low with this coat over it that matches the mood of those aforementioned guitar licks; the tone changes to a more crystalized polish at the track moves into the chorus, bringing in this almost childish euphoria that only stands to make folks swoon. Their debut LP will be out later this year via Z Tapes.

Lavender Blush Announce Debut LP

It feels like Lavender Blush has been working towards this LP since their self-titled EP dropped in 2016; and now we’re prepared to hear the band’s full-length, The Garden of Inescapable Pleasure. The band toy with us for about 15 seconds, mostly getting their feet under themselves; they hit that 16 second mark and the jittering of distorted guitars immediately start rioting through your speakers. The rhythm section does a great job of building that kick-up your shoes dance floor bounce while Ryan Lescure croons atop the mix; the chorus allows him to give off a little more of a disaffected melody that kind of makes you feel like you’re spinning in circles staring at the cloudy sky. The debut LP is available this November via Shelflife, with this new single streaming everywhere on Friday!

Optic Sink Share Personified Video

Optic Sink is the new project from Natalie Hoffman (NOTS) and Ben Bauermeister (Magic Kids); they’ve just announced their debut felt-titled album via Goner Records. While the presser hints at a wide range of sounds, our first listen is this pulsing electronic number, matched up with this visual enhancer. For me, the song sort of strips the humanity from Hoffman, offering an almost sterile machine-like vision, devoid of emotions in its presentation. Perhaps its a last gasp, a final attempt to hold onto all that we hold dear as we struggle with loss on so many levels. Whatever it may be, it’s definitely cool to my ears. The LP will be released on October 2nd.

Helena Deland Announce Someone New

Having released the powerful “Lylz” in July, it was only a matter of time before we got news about Helena Deland‘s debut LP, Someone New. That day has come, and with it comes a fresh single for our listening pleasure. I love how the song begins with this fragility, with Deland sitting for a portrait, as her voice seems lost in solitude. It evolves into something slightly more ornate, her voice taking a slight sparkle as it intertwines with careful chords. Around the 1:36 mark, a steadying beat enters the fray, providing the slightest bit of movement to carry the song to a close. While penned around the concept of a romantic encounter, the song also hints at the greater picture of the album, one of circling back through self-identities only to return as “someone new.” The LP is out on October 16th (Pre-Order).

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