Delorean Release A Great Track

DeloreanI owe you all an apology. This track was available as a free download for one day. I missed it. *sniffle* Sorry friends.

BUT, you can still play it all over the place on streaming services and I think this is the best Delorean song since the Ayrton Senna EP. “Bena”, featuring backing vocals from Hanin Zueiter, is the B-Side to “Crystal”; they got them backwards, IMHO. The band has their own label now, called PHLEX, so expect more stuff to hit whenever they feel like it.

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Party Pics: Learning Secrets X @ Red7 (1/31)

Learning SecretsYeah, we were treated to some sweet jams. I went to eleven when Simian Mobile Disco‘s “Hustler” filled my ears. And thanks for reminding me how great Hot Chip sounds at club volume.

Learning Secrets turned ten years old. You should read the interview if you missed it, it explains things pretty good. Since so many friends were going to be in attendance, I had to bring the camera and a flash. That is right, I got all photo-tech on the people. We had bloggers, photogs, Transmissioners, DELOREAN, Until the Ribbon Breaks and most importantly plenty of people to dance.

Head past the break to see the party gallery…

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ATH Interview: Learning Secrets @ 10 Years

Learning Secrets BannerLearning Secrets is turning ten. They are having a party. Given that the guys behind Learning Secrets, Jeramy Neugent and Ian Orth, are in one of our local favorite bands, Orthy, we see these gents on a regular basis DJing to fill the pre and post-show earspace. We all wonder what all the fuss is about being a DJ. What happens behind the wheels? How do two guys end up spinning records together? How can you make a relationship last? Ian was able to take the time to answer a few questions on those topics and more. Read on for the low down…

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Delorean – Apar

deRating: ★★★☆☆

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word ‘Delorean’ is Back to The Future. So my gut feeling, when I learned that there was a band with the same name as the raddest time machine ever, was that this band must encapsulate some sort of nostalgia for the eighties that goes along with that image. Over the years, they have grown closer and closer to this image, creating tunes that’ll make you dance as well as take you back in time a bit.

Apar is no exception to this continuing trend, as it is chalk full of tracks to help you dance your way through life, complete with catchy choruses and hooks. The first real stand out number comes after the first track on “Destitute Time.” From the start you have the feminine vocals wailing in the background, sounding off something special coming in the form of new wave esque guitar hooks that sink their teeth into you from the get-go. You can totally understand how this group opened their own nightclub; this track just begs you to shake it. As far as comparisons go, you get a bit of a Cut Copy vibe in the seemingly flat male vocals that serve to propel the song forward. The guitars cycle onwards, each wave over the chorus becoming that final layer of sound to stabilize the overall mix and make for it to be a great song.

Though there isn’t much variance from the 80’s new wave mixed with some electronic components stylistically, there is a change from male lead vocals to the female lead vocals of Caroline Polachek from Chairlift on “Unhold,” which provides for the most interesting song on the record. Initially it sounds like a track you would hear off a jangly pop record, but then the vocals are drastically modified and auto-tuned for an odd effect. Half of me really likes this track, and is completely on board with the direction this group takes on this number, but the other half of me has its reservations about it. At points the vocals promote the excitement of the hard pounding drum beats, but at other instances I find myself wishing they were a little less auto-tuned and modified.

Overall, Apar is one of those albums that is excellent to put on while you want to have a dance party with your friends or when you want to clean the house. Track after track Delorean will have you moving and grooving to their sounds, and it’s up to you to find your favorite track to jam to.

SxSW 2013: Day Party Pics

No, I am not done yet. This one and a gallery of the showcases is all that is left. If I can muster it, I’ll do a best of post. Best-ofs are easier well removed from a festival because lasting memories help define what really got you going.

Anyway, this giant gallery of daytime show goodness includes some candids and portraits from around the conference during the unofficial events. Highlights include Wax Idols, Nobunny, The Soft Moon, Criminal Hygiene, Bleeding Rainbows, that band Thurston Moore is in, Delorean and so much more.

Click through. Play a game of “oh yeah, I was there.”

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Fun Fest Interview: Delorean

Funx3 Fest is now over and we can all make our collective sad face to show our displeasure towards the situation.  It was yet again a great weekend of music and fun was had by all.  Prior to the weekend, we had the chance to sit down with Spanish pop band Delorean and talk a bit about their band.  We spoke with band member Ekhi Lopetegi about the current state of his band and how they celebrated the Spanish victory this summer.  Follow the jump for full interview

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