Catching Up with Fishboy

I’ve covered Fishboy on and off since we’ve been running this wee site, but Eric Michener’s so prolific that it’s admittedly tough to always stay up to date (that’s on me!). But, there’s a new record coming your way really soon titled Waitsgiving, and though I’m a few weeks late, why not celebrate that news hitting my desk by sharing this video! The music reminds me of a combination of Jay Reatard and Grandaddy, but maybe with the sort of idiosyncrasies in the lyrical playfulness included (which is the stable Fishboy mark!) with this earnest delivery. But, not sure which is greater, the song of the rad video? You decide! Then be sure to grab the LP, as it drops on April 2nd via Lauren Records.


A few weeks ago I shared some tunes by Denton based Wesley Jensen and his new project under the moniker PARACHUTER. After originally enjoying his first single, “Trouble Talking”, Jensen is back at it again today with this slick new track “Higher”. Similar to his previous offering, this one is again a bedroom pop labor of love. It’s super chillwave, yet also able to spark some solo dancing with a slick beat and tight feel. We’ll likely be hearing more from our neighbor up the road very soon.

Say Hi To Parachuter

As usual, we are always looking for some new upstart bands with promising material. Today I am pleased to share with you this fresh new Denton based artist Wesley Jesnen and his new project known as PARACHUTER. Before I say much more, go ahead and hit play on his new single called “Trouble Talking” below. It’s certainly a bedroom project of love as evidenced by the attention to detail and tightness of the recording. Having listened to this song a few times for this post, I’ve find myself going back and listening again and again while moving my body to the slick beat. Well done sir.

Us Presidents Share After Finding U

Admittedly, Us Presidents wasn’t really on my radar, but when I heard Darren Frayne’s voice, I was immediately pulled right into this tune. There’s all sorts of references that spin through my mind, but ultimately, there’s just this stellar familiarity; it makes you feel the warmth of the melodies; it makes you feel like part of the texture of the song itself. Musically, there’s this sort of warped pop vibe, sort of like Coma Cinema meets the Flaming Lips, albeit, a very stripped down version of that strange union. This track appears on the new album, Summore, which drops on August 31st of this year.

Brand New Birds of Night

The last we heard from Denton’s Birds of Night was back in 2015 when the group released their self-titled album; we actually wrote about it quite a lot. Just the other day they dropped us a line to let us know they’d recorded a brand new jam, with an accompanying video. On this number you’ll hear some of the group’s psychedelic influences, but you might also note that they’ve taken up a heavier tone…like a world where Black Rebel Motorcycle Club crashes over at the house of Queens of the Stone Age. The video takes the live performance and combines it with some of those tripped out touches apparent in their tunes. As of now, this is just a one-off number…but let’s hope this means more jams.

More from Fishboy

This is the second single from Denton’s Fishboy, and I want you to imagine that John Darnielle traded in his folk stylings for heavy riffs and pop sensibilities. They lyricism begs you pay attention to every line, every syllable; it’s also powered by a distinctive voice. But, there’s huge energy in the band’s songs, making it perfect for just about any time you need a little pick me up. I don’t know how much better this band can get, but when I’ll report back to you when I spend some time with their new album Art Guards…hitting your stereo with a kick this week!

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Stream Relick’s Twin House EP

relickRelick‘s been making waves here in Texas for the past few years, and you can now stream their great new Twin House EP! These six tracks definitely have a central musical theme, taking on touches of the world left behind by Rilo Kiley, but I also think that singer Amber Nicholson has a tendency to sound a little bit like Neko Case…which is never bad in my book. A lot of the tracks have that indie rock influenced Americana approach, but I love how they throw “Sun” into the mix to change things up and provide some musical differentiation. They’re self-releasing their Twin House EP next week, so stream it while you can!

Have You Heard John Rusch

johnWell, I hadn’t heard of John Rusch either, that is until I got turned onto the songwriter last night. Perhaps he’s writing tunes in his bedroom right now as we speak, and I hope they’re all as good as the hits he recently put up on his Soundcloud. Sure, some of the songs take on too much, but when you listen to every moment, and I did, you find some really incredible songwriting lurking (besides, it’s gotta be hard being a one-man band!). I particularly love his Vanessa Williams cover (streaming below). When everything else just seems like another carbon copy, try out something a little different.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Hear Another Birds of Night Tune

birdiesA few weeks back we were fortunate to premiere the first single off the new Birds of Night tune, and now they’ve returned with another smoldering indie rock groover.  The Denton band’s newest tune has them in the territory of early TV on the Radio, exploring the range of the vocals, yet there’s some continued progression of the seemingly non-stop soloing guitar; it creates a sensation of consistently being pushed forward, consistently enjoying yourself as your fueled by the sputtering energy. Their self-titled LP will be out on April 21st, so keep a look out.


Download: Birds of Night – Asleep in the Pine [MP3]


The Demigs Deliver

imagesMy apologies to our neighbors to the north in Denton as we seemed to have missed out on their boys The Demigs over the years, but I am to make this right today.  The band just sent me this new single today called “Arches” and I’m immediately taken by the sound being created here.  Indie pop is the name of the game here and it represents the genre wonderfully.  Bright guitars, monotone vocals, and a nice build up at the end create some lovely pop moments.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

A new double LP entitled Welcome to Hard Times is due out on April 14th via I Love Math Records.

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