Show Pics: The Head And The Heart @ Red Rocks

When I go abroad, meaning when I leave the Austin city limits (cwutidid), I like to check show calendars for the strange new land I am off to to see what bands coming through the same town I am to give me a reason to bring my camera with me. For my trip to Denver last week, I hyper-focused on arguably the most iconic venue in the US, if not the world, Red Rocks. Luckily, friends of the program from way back, The Head And The Heart (a band I have shot in the past at one of our iconic venues Stubb’s) were rolling through Denver at the same time, so the emails went out and I crossed my fingers. The approval to shoot meant controlling excitement while I was in day-job meetings; I was going to shoot at a bucket list venue for most concert photographers.

Read on for the story and plenty of pics.

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Darkened Pop from Midwife

Odds are that you had Belgium making the World Cup final, so you’re probably a little bummed out today. Me too. But, in hopes to remedy that we’ve got this track from Midwife to calm your ills, and perhaps transport you to a better place. The entirety of this tune works over a solemn electronic note, accompanied by wave after wave of washed atmospherics. Bubbling beneath it all, like whispers shared between lovers are the lyrics, coated in various effects that maximize the emotive pull of the tune. This number will appear on the group’s new Prayer Hands EP, out at the end of July via Antiquated Future.

Some Psych Pop From Flaurals

unnamed (17)I could pretend I knew something about Denver based pop band Flaural prior to today, but I’d be lying through my teeth. I will however be giving the band my attention after hearing this bright new single entitled “Nonnie”. I’m reminded of bands like Yeasayer or even our old friends Suckers with a bit more of that psych vibe as the driving force. Consider me a fan starting right now.

Flaural will release their new EPOver Imaginary Cigaretteson March 12th.

Kissing Party Score Pop Hit

kp1The opening guitar lines of this track are misleading, to a certain degree.  It sounds like you might get something a little heavier, something along the line of modern emo revival.  But, when Kissing Party‘s Dierdre tosses in her vocals, it switches the track straight into pop mode.  The band quickly blasts through the two-minute track, sweetly singing its way into your listening for the weekend. It’s reminiscent of recent works by the likes of Standard Fare or Eternal Summers, bordering between indie rock and indiepop; it’s delicious. They’ll be releasing their new album, Looking back it was romantic but at the time I was suffocating, via Fleeting Youth Records on June 30th.

Show Pics: Corners @ Hi-Dive (2/18)

CornersWhen I have to travel for the day job (international super-conglomerate type thing), I try to find shows going on to get out in the foreign scene and see some bands in a way I might not have a chance to otherwise; like seeing Temples and Warpaint in 300 person venues and catching Merchandise in Richmond after missing their show in Austin. Last time I was in Denver, it was a dead week, but not so this time around and since I had seen Hi-Dive show up on the tour stops for several of my favorite bands so Corners at Hi-Dive on a Wednesday night it was.

Usually, I am guarded about my enthusiasm for Wednesday night local openers, but Best Creeps and Hair Cult were both outstanding. Click for a few words and plenty of pics…

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More New Music From Denver

I’m continuing my recent love affair with new indie super country group Denver today with another new song by the band called “Reno”.  It’s more of a waltzy ballad when compared to the last single I posted “The Way It Is”.  More information is also available on the group’s planned self-titled LP with a new release date of August 14th just announced.  You’ll be picking this one up via Mama Bird Recording Company.


Download: Denver – Reno [MP3]

New Country Twang Jam From Denver

Having seen Austin band Crooks this past weekend at White Horse made me realize that country is a genre that seems to allude ATH.  Granted, it seems like talent in the genre is bleak and it’s even harder to seek out the quality when most labels we associate with don’t touch country.  So it’s nice when we’re sent songs like this tune “The Way it Is” from Portland based act Denver (yeah that’s not confusing).  Now this band with a city name is actually more of a supergroup featuring members of Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane’s Wild Divine.  What’s created by this hodge podge of Portland musicians is a slow honky tonk sound with alternating vocals not far from aforementioned locals Crooks.  A full self-titled LP from the group is due out August 12th in all your favorite formats.


Download: Denver – The Way It Is [MP3]

New(ish) Track From SAUNA

Here’s a new song from Denver based outfit SAUNA who, despite their land locked location, create some fun and intriguing surf doo-wap style pop music.  The track below “Please Don’t Go Away” is in the same vein as some of the swooning tunes from Cults, but then other tracks throw more punk your way similar to Thee Oh Sees.  Check out the tune below or a few more on their Teen Angst Tape EP via bandcamp.


Download: SAUNA – Please Dont Go Away [MP3]

Paper Bird

While stumbling aimlessly around this great city of ours on Saturday night, I had the good fortune of catching an intimate, middle of the night set by Denver, CO band Paper Bird.  Finding a band worth watching at 2 in the morning is pretty rare so I thought I’d throw a little love the way of this Rocky Mountain band.  Paper Bird is a band earning quite a following in their home city of Denver and surrounding areas.  Upon first listen, the 7 piece acoustic band come off sounding like a grassroots old timey folk band with 3 lovely ladies sharing vocal duties.  Oh and those vocals… These 3 ladies might win the award for best female vocals ever.  Yes, they’re that good.  The band is currently touring in support of their 2007 debut LP Anything Nameless and Joymaking.  See what all the fuss is about with hearfelt tune “Sacrifice” below:


Download: Paper Bird – Sacrifice