New UV-TV Rocker

I picked up on the edgy rock from UV-TV when they did a split 7″ on Emotional Response, and the band build on my early impression with the brand new track. It kind of reminds me of the recent work from Wax Idols, using those knifing guitar chords that walk the fine line of jangle. There’s an emphatic vocal performance, reminiscent of great 90s alternative rock tunes. Still, the best thing, in my opinion, is that the song’s not quite polished, making it a lot closer to my ears, in the personable sense. Look for the group’s Glass on March 10 via Deranged Records.

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How’d I Miss This UV TV Tune

Not sure where my brain was, or where I was, but I somehow missed this killer UV TV tune the other day when it popped up. It’s the sort of noise infused poppy rocker that I adore, though I will admit it runs just a touch short. The drum work punishes and pushes your ears while the buzzing guitars begin to swell inside your mind. All of a sudden Rose Vastola enters the picture and you’re hooked into the song’s pop sensibility; you can’t ignore a combo like this. We heard the band long ago on a great Emotional Response 7″, so can’t wait to hear what their debut LP has to offer when it’s released by Deranged Records on March 10th.

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Sorry I Missed This: New Neighborhood Brats

bratmobileMy first experience with Neighborhood Brats was that one-off 7″ they did with Dirtnap Records last year, so it’s been a short wee bit since I’ve heard from the group.  But, I just got their new album in the mail, so I’m bummed I must have missed this driving new tune.  It’s a pretty straight shooting number; there’s not any frills, just pure substance. The lyrics offer up a “fuck the kids, fuck the new,” giving us a glimpse at that bratty attitude from which the group derives their name.  You can catch their new LP on September 29th by way of Deranged Records; it’s titled Recovery.

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Bouncing Power Pop from The Number Ones

1s-coverDammit if I didn’t find one of my favorite tracks of the month just before we blast off into June.  You might ask why something so simple meets my requirements; it’s precisely that.  This new single operates between the realm of pop and punk rock, and it’s executed perfectly. There’s some catchy “you-ooh-oohs” thrown in, just in case you need to sing along at the top of your lungs.  It puts this Irish group at the top of my list for acts I’m most excited about in 2014; you can grab The Number Ones self-titled record on August 5th from Deranged Records.

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Rowdy Rock From White Lung

White_Lung_KateBrown2_1When your Friday is dragging along and seemingly never ending, have yourself a listen to this new joint “Down with You” from White Lung.  It’s sure to put a pep in your step with it’s loud, fast, and fun rockin’ style.  Pay attention though, because it’s over after a short 1:48 run.  Plenty of time to brighten your day and lead you into the weekend.

This track appears on a new 7″ coming your way on October 28th via Deranged Records.

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Swedish Pop Punk from Terrible Feelings

We’re running a very rock oriented Thursday it seems, so Sweden’s Terrible Feelings fit right in with that motif. The group recently signed on with Deranged Records to release their album, Shadows, this April.  For my ears, it’s definitely got something going on, beyond stereotypical punk/pop; there’s something in the vocal delivery that harkens back to days before punk was even born, lending itself to sort of a haunting effect.  Sweden seems to think they’re full of angst and darkness, and I see that, but over here in the States, it’s just good old fashioned rock n’ roll–the kind we love here at ATH.


Download:Terrible Feelings – Intruders [MP3]

More New Power Pop from Marvelous Darlings

We brought you the news a few weeks ago that Deranged Records would be releasing a compilation from Marvelous Darlings, the project of Fucked Up‘s Ben Cook.  This time around we have a brand new track that’ll be featured on the album, and it’s precisely what you’ve been promised. Everything you ever loved about pogoing around your room, with hints of Westerberg-esque delivery on the vocals pushing you to sing along.  Sometimes nostalgic throwback tracks just kick you in the teeth in the most enjoyable way, and I’m not going to stop playing this record as it’s filled with tracks just like this.


Download: Marvelous Darlings – Teenage Targets [MP3]

Straight Power Pop from The Marvelous Darlings (Ben from Fucked Up)

Most people associate Ben Cook with Fucked Up and the band’s hardcore roots, but his side project Marvelous Darlings takes on a different light altogether.  Throughout the last several years the band has released various singles and are now set to release a compilation of sorts combining all the music from those years.  The collection is titled Single Life and will be out on November 22nd via Deranged Records.  We’ve got the first track here to offer you, and it’s a solid little boogie through and through.  Once those lyrics kick in, you can definitely get ahold of the pop aspect.  With Fucked Up‘s future uncertain, I have a feeling we’ll see more from the band coming up.


Download: The Marvelous Darlings – I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party [MP3]