Did You Die Share Latest Single

When you’re struggling, sometimes you have those go-to sounds that make you feel safe; I think going to this Did You Die track definitely helped me out; it was like throwing an anxiety blanket on my eardrums, in the best possible way. I love how there’s this wall of fuzz that bleeds through your speakers, and while I’m all about that sound, they peel it back like a banana, revealing this ripe pop sensibility that I thought really made the song sparkle. Definitely feels like the perfect way to fade into the weekend with a nice little noisy buzz, if you’re asking me.

Hear the Dead Leaf Echo B Side from Their Latest Single

deadleafechoDead Leaf Echo dropped a new single a few weeks back to announce their split tape with Did You Die, and now they’re letting us hear the b-side of their portion of the release. While the band’s often lumped into the shoegaze category, I like how this new tune relies more upon the group’s fascination with noisier soundscapes; you should be able to hear a NIN/Ministry nod in this track, especially in the way the vocals are recorded. The discordant noise screaming throughout definitely offers a different glimpse at a band that’s been one of our favorites for quite some time. The new split tape will be out via Moon Sound Records on November 4th.

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