Show Pics: Colourmusic, Colour Revolt @ Emo’s

We caught up with our good friends Colourmusic, who opened for Colour Revolt. Texans Dignan kicked off the night, Colourmusic brought the noise, and Colour Revolt left everyone happy.

And when we say Colourmusic brought the noise, we mean it. Colourmusic was about as loud as we can remember anyone ever being at Emo’s, and that is saying a lot. Earplugs were complaining to the management. It was awesome.

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Show Preview: Colour Revolt @ Emo’s (9/29)

Date 9/29/11
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Ticketweb

It is a very busy weekend for shows in Austin ladies gentlemen, very busy indeed.  Prior to the official start of the weekend, you have some tough choices to make on Thursday night and the show at Emo’s headlined by Colour Revolt should definitely be on your radar.  We are of course more excited for our boyfriends in the supporting band Colourmusic.  I hear those guys know how to rock and stuff.  Opening support on the night is provided by Dignan.


Download: Colour Revolt – Naked and Red [MP3]

Show Preview: Dignan @ the Mohawk (8/29)

Date Sunday, August 29th
Location Mohawk
Doors 1000p
Tickets $? at the door

It seems that Texas’ Dignan has been rocking around the state for years and years, and we’ve grown quite fond of their explorative alternative rock.  Their newest tunes show a great deal of attention being given to every minor detail, which works out great for the group’s sound.  You’ll get  a chance to see them Sunday night in all their glory, accompanied by Farewell Flight and Burgess Meredith.  Make sure you make it out, as we hear school’s back, so you might not get out on too many more Sunday nights.


Download: Dignan – Two-Steps [MP3]