ATX Spotlight: Popper Burns On Dillo Milk 2 Comp

dillmilkIn an amazing year full of compilations in Austin, there’s another one ready to blast through your speakers: Dillo Milk 2. Popper Burns, one of the acts that we featured on our very own Slack Capital Comp will again be featured, bringing you a recording of their new song, “Sometimes;” it’s a personal favorite of their live set. I love the way the guitars cut through while the rhythm section kicks off a propulsive bounce all the way through. So many great Austin acts here, cementing my own personal opinion that despite the troubles, Austin’s scene can rival any of the other vital music scenes in the States. The release party for this CD comp is set for October 1 at Cheer Up Charlies; it’ll be available digitally on September 23rd for those outside city limits.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Xetas!

XetasI’d love to go on a diatribe on how Austin music’s scene isn’t dying, but I think all you need to is just listen to the compilations put together this year: Austin Slack Capital, Flavor Sound Class of 2016…and now Dillo Milk 2. That last one will be released soon, and features this brand new Xetas track…which hasn’t been played live…and according to the band, isn’t slated for their next LP. It doesn’t matter, as it’s now out there, and it’s so fucking good. I mean, the chorus has this natural ferocity that can perhaps only best be compared to the band’s live set. And the continuous maneuvering, almost off-kilter swagger kind of makes the rest of rock n’ roll seem boring. Sorry folks…but with songs like this coming out left and right…rock n’ roll’s spirit is very much alive in Austin.

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